ACTICO Unveils Next-Generation Credit Risk Platform for Banks and Financial Service Providers

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Exciting news for corporate and commercial lenders: ACTICO has launched the Credit Risk Platform, a cutting-edge solution designed to modernize the way banks and commercial lenders perform risk assessment and credit decision workflows. By leveraging the power of the ACTICO Platform for decision automation and the flexibility of SalesforceTM, the solution provides a high level of automation, streamlined user experience and vast configurability.

The banking sector has faced significant challenges in recent times, necessitating a major transformation drive. To reduce costs and improve response times through efficiency gains, institutions are investing in the digitalization and automation of key processes. One area ripe for improvement is commercial loan origination- often a highly manual process in outdated legacy systems with lengthy process times and high operating costs. ACTICO’s Credit Risk Platform aims to address these challenges with an innovative platform helping Banks and Financial Services Providers to gain competitive advantage.

“We are proud to offer our next-generation credit risk platform, built by leveraging over 20 years of experience in credit and risk rating, and utilizing the latest technologies to efficiently support credit risk assessment and decisioning processes with our platform,” said Thomas Knöpfler, Chief Portfolio & Project Officer, ACTICO. “The Credit Risk Platform marks another milestone in ACTICO’s mission to drive digital transformation in the financial services industry.”

ACTICO’s innovative solution offers extensive benefits for financial institutions looking to optimize their lending processes. By driving commercial lending with the ACTICO Credit Risk Platform, organizations can experience:

Increased Digital Engagement for Distinct Experiences – ACTICO’s Credit Risk Platform provides a single, cloud-based platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device – also including end-customers into the lending process. This seamless experience enhances digital engagement and meets the expectations of today’s digitally savvy customers. Financial institutions can deliver personalized, omni-channel experiences through this open, extensible platform.

Effortless Configuration for Faster Time-to-Market – The Credit Risk Platform follows a no-code approach providing user-friendly drag-and-drop editors to implement, test, document and deploy rating models and decision strategies of any complexity. This enables financial institutions to flexibly manage their internal models.

360-Degree Portfolio View for Transparent Lending Decisions – ACTICO’s Credit Risk Platform offers a comprehensive 360-degree portfolio view, reporting, and dashboard capabilities. With a holistic view of their lending activities, institutions can make more informed and transparent lending decisions.

Cloud Native Technology for Scalability and Speed – Built on the SalesforceTM Trusted Cloud financial institutions can benefit from a high level of scalability, flexibility, and reliability. With automated updates and unbreakable customizations, the latest features and innovations are available promptly and without extensive project efforts.

Open API Architecture for Seamless Integration – An open API architecture enables seamless integration with diverse data sources, core systems, credit bureaus, and any other third-party application. This integration enhances efficiency and facilitates data-driven decision-making.

“We offer a comprehensive solution for banks and financial service providers seeking to optimize the risk rating and decisioning workflows related to non-retail counterparties. With features such as automation, digital engagement, effortless configuration, powerful model management, and a 360-degree portfolio view, we empower lenders to make smarter and more transparent lending decisions,” said Christopher Hansert, Product Manager Credit Risk Solutions, ACTICO.

ACTICO has once again demonstrated its commitment to driving digital transformation in the financial services industry. The Credit Risk Platform provides lenders with a powerful tool to stay ahead in today’s dynamic and competitive market. The solution is listed on Salesforce AppExchange, and available to financial institutions worldwide.

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