Automated Loan Decisioning & Origination System

The loan origination process has become key to fierce competition. The right strategies and technologies can keep your company moving in a profitable direction while navigating a changing business environment. ACTICO empowers its customers to reinvent the origination process by bringing a set of market-leading technology and decisioning capabilities together into a single and powerful framework.

Transform your enterprise with the power to stay ahead in the future by adopting loan origination solutions that are built on ACTICO’s digital automation platform. Leverage these scalable lending solutions that cater to all kinds of loans, including consumer, SME, commercial, and asset financing. Furthermore, it ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and streamlines your lending processes.

Smoothly Adapt to Market Changes

Expand your business by presenting the appropriate offers to the correct clients at the optimal time. Meet the challenges of managing a credit risk portfolio in a dynamic market with constantly changing regulatory guidelines. Utilize the capabilities of a highly adaptable risk decision-making platform that enables testing of new strategies and converting data into actionable insights.

Quickly Fund Loans to Stay Competitive

Assess a borrower’s credit history, financial or cash-flow statements among other internal and external data sources. Instantly process applications by creating a borrower’s risk profile and determining whether to approve, reject or provide alternative pricing options automatically. With minimal human intervention, the entire loan application process can be completed in a matter of seconds.

Easily Create, Test, and Implement Risk Strategies

A platform that allows you to create, modify, and improve strategies – which can then be deployed to your production environment in no time. All without worrying about regulations or other obstacles. ACTICO’s flexibility empowers all stakeholders to design workflows and models, as well as perform simulations to examine the impact of changes on risk exposure and potential gains across target populations.

What Our Customers Say

digital loan origination system

Digitize Your Lending Journey

With ACTICO’s compliant and flexible solutions, banks can confidently navigate the entire lending process from loan originations and decisioning to credit risk management, ultimately driving growth with more-informed lending decisions.

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Reduced operational costs

High level of flexibility for rule model changes through graphical drag&drop editor

Powerful modeling environment

Real-time deployment and execution of risk models and decision strategies

Increased evaluation accuracy

Traceable & auditable decisions for full regulatory compliance


Digital Lending Solutions Build on Digital Innovation

ACTICO is designed to meet the specific demands of your market, business, and customer needs. It addresses current industry-specific issues while being adaptable to future challenges. Better tools enable more profitable lending decisions:

  • Move from traditional to digital banking
  • Drive loan approvals & reduce risk
  • Enhance compliance and full auditability

Digitized lending processes ✔

Configurable rules and templates ✔

Lending risk management ✔

AI-enhanced credit decisions ✔

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✔ Automated and flexible credit decision making processes

✔ Centralized platform for rating and scoring models

✔ Seamless integration of internal and external data sources

✔ Fast and traceable decision making

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Cloud-native credit risk platform ✔

Automated spreading and analysis of financial statements ✔

Flexible implementation of rating models of any complexity ✔

Multi-stage, multi role approval processes ✔

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✔ Flexible configuration of rating and decisioning models

✔ Digitized credit decision and approval workflows

✔ Automated customer financial statement analysis

✔ Fast simulation in credit risks

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