DMN Modeler for Avaloq

From business requirements to code – the DMN Modeler for Avaloq enables business users to model their own business logic and import it into the Avaloq Banking Suite using a standard adapter. In this way, they achieve greater transparency and implement changes faster.

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Why DMN Modeler for Avaloq?

Transparent Rules and Easy Implementation

Avaloq banks have to master complex business rules in order to meet the demanding regulatory requirements. ACTICO DMN Modeler works reliably with the Avaloq Banking Suite via a standard adapter. This allows you to graphically model the appropriate rules for usage within and outside the Avaloq Banking Suite. They are now readable by the business department and fully transparent.

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How it works

Graphical Rule Models for Avaloq Banking Suite

Making Business Logic Comprehendible

DMN Modeler for Avaloq brings a new level of transparency and traceability into business logic. It enables business subject matter experts to create graphical business rule models, test them, and import them into the Avaloq Banking Suite – without coding. The OMG® DMN (Decision Model and Notation) standard ensures that the rule models are interchangeable and the central model management ensures consistency.

Connecting to Avaloq Banking Suite

The business rule models created are easily and securely imported into the Avaloq Banking Suite via the Business Rules Standard Adapter. This means that the business rules created in the business department can be executed directly in the Avaloq Banking Suite. Changes to the business rules can be made at any time – independent of IT release cycles.


Key Features

Perfectly Aligned Systems from Modeling to Execution

Graphical Modeling Standard

The DMN standard of the Object Management Group is used as the exchange format for rules. The Decision Model and Notation offers high transparency for your business and ensures easy interchangeability.

Modern Rules Management

ACTICO is a leading provider of software for creating, testing and administrating business rules. The adapter makes business rules management accessible in the Avaloq environment.

Business Rules Standard Adapter

The DMN models are exported from the ACTICO DMN Modeler for Avaloq and imported into the Avaloq Banking Suite via the Standard Adapter, where they are executed.


Focusing on Clear Business Logic and Quick Adaptability

Revision-proof rules

The graphical representation of business rules ensures readability by the business department at any time. Rules are managed along with their change history, so changes always remain traceable.

Consistent business logic

With ACTICO software, you can manage business logic centrally and consistently for different systems. You can export them to the Avaloq Banking Suite or make them available to other IT systems as web services.

Short time to market

Regulators, guidelines and other business logic often change. ACTICO DMN Modeler for Avaloq enables fast changes and thus ensures a short time to market.

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