DMN Decision Model and Notation

The DMN Decision Model and Notation is the OMG® industry standard for modeling, implementing and automating decisions. ACTICO Platform lets companies create, manage and execute fully compliant DMN decision models.

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Why DMN Decision Model and Notation?

Standard-Based Digital Decisioning

Operational business decisions are often hard-wired in application code or in complex process models. Companies often struggle with opaqueness, redundancies, inconsistencies and difficulty in change management. The OMG® DMN industry standard allows companies to decouple decisions from applications and processes, manage them centrally, and implement them consistently.

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How it works

Standardized Decision Models and Decision Services

Decision Requirements Diagram

The Decision Requirements Diagram (DRD) is a visual representation of a key decision and its sub decisions, data, business logic and knowledge sources. ACTICO Platform lets business analysts and subject matter experts easily create and document DRDs to gain more transparency and optimize decisions.

  • Drag-&-drop editor for creating DMN Decision Requirements Diagrams
  • Central model storage supporting versioning and collaboration
  • Full compliance with the OMG® DMN standard (Conformance Level 3)

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Decision Logic

The DMN standard defines various ways to implement the decision logic that is used for automated decision making. With ACTICO Platform, business analysts and subject matter experts capture decision tables and boxed expressions in a standardized, exchangeable and executable format.

  • Full support for DMN decision tables and other boxed expressions
  • Full support for DMN FEEL (Friendly Enough Expression Language)

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Decision Services

Once a DRD and the decision logic is defined, the business decision can be provided as a platform-independent web service. It can be consumed by any process and application enabling fully automated decision making.

  • Provisioning of decision services via REST and SOAP
  • Hot deployments and audit-proof service execution
  • Integrated components for decision lifecycle management

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Transparent Way to Decision-Based Digital Business

Improved Transparency

Transparent decision models provide both, clarity to internal stakeholders and traceable compliance to the regulator. With DMN, companies create visual decision models that are easy to understand for all stakeholders.

Business-IT Alignment

DMN models connect the business requirements definition with their IT implementation. Business and IT users work collaboratively on one visual model that is readily comprehensible and that reduces coordination loops between business and IT.

Real-Time Interactions

The Decision Model and Notation allows companies to automate decisions that have been made manual before within a process. This way, they can realize real-time interactions with their customers that drive digital business.

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