ACTICO once again improves year-on-year growth rate

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Immenstaad, 14 October 2019 – ACTICO GmbH has bucked Germany’s declining economic trend and once again improved its year-on-year growth rate. For 2018, the Immenstaad-based company reports top-line growth of 12%, to 17.1 million euros. In 2017, the specialists in software and systems for automated decision-making generated turnover of 15.3 million euros. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) also increased significantly to 2.2 million euros (13% of turnover). In 2017 profits stood at 1.6 million euros, corresponding to 10% of turnover.

According to Bitkom, the German ICT market is continuing to grow. The main gain has once again been in the software segment, which increased by 6.3% to 24.4 billion euros. A similar rate of growth is forecast for 2019. ACTICO helps businesses around the world to digitalize their business models, with a focus on the financial sector. In 2018 it added artificial intelligence functions to its product range in order to combine human knowledge and machine learning. It helps companies to improve the speed, quality and reliability of their day-to-day decision-making. AI has a wide range of applications, including digital marketing, risk management, and compliance with the increasingly strict regulations that govern financial institutions. Consultancy firm Markets and Markets expects to see around 15% growth in the market for automated decision-making processes.


In 2019, product development will continue to focus on two key issues for digital transformation: artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The latter is now also gaining ground in the financial industry. ACTICO develops cloud solutions that can also be used in this sector because they meet regulatory requirements. This technology provides banks and insurance companies with a full IT infrastructure, including monitoring and maintenance. “This means that financial institutions can concentrate on their core business rather than having to deal with IT-related tasks”, says Thomas Cotic, Chief Executive Officer of ACTICO GmbH. ACTICO’s software solutions and systems are used in more than 35 countries.

In 2019 the number of employees in the ACTICO Group, including its subsidiaries ACTICO Corp (Chicago) and ACTICO Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), is set to rise to 140. The aim is to retain existing employees in the long term and continue to build the Group’s international orientation and partnerships.

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