Webinar | Revolutionizing SME Financing – How Banca AideXa Uses AI Decisioning Platform & Open Banking

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Discover the future of SME financing: Join us for an insightful webinar on Banca AideXa!

28 Septmber 2023 at 4pm (CEST) | online

Banca AideXa, the innovative Italian fintech, is transforming the landscape of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) financing. Founded in 2020, this visionary bank is dedicated solely to revolutionizing how entrepreneurs access credit through a seamless digital approach.

The future of financing has arrived, and Banca AideXa is leading the charge by harnessing the power of AI and open banking. Imagine receiving a loan proposal within minutes and having the funds in your account within 48 hours – all without the hassle of physical paperwork. Banca AideXa is the key to unlocking rapid, hassle-free credit access.

Embarking on a Journey of Innovation:
Banca AideXa will explain its ground-breaking use of artificial intelligence (AI) and open banking during the webinar. See for is changing the norms of online finance and providing unmatched assistance to emerging small companies. A complete creditworthiness snapshot derived from external data and automated assessment findings has given Banca AideXa’s credit team a competitive edge never seen. This all-encompassing strategy improves precision and speed, ensuring that businesses get the help they want at the precise time they require it.

The outcome? The automated acceptance rate of loan applications is expected to increase dramatically by an astonishing 10% thanks to streamlined procedures. SMEs may say goodbye to extended wait times and welcome quicker approvals and payments.

During the webinar, we will explore:

  • How Banca AideXa uses artificial intelligence (AI) and open banking to revolutionise online financing and support the growth of small businesses.
  • How Banca AideXa’s technology enables its credit team to gain a complete picture of an applicant’s creditworthiness from external data to automated assessment results.
  • How these streamlined processes have increased the automatic approval rate of loan applications by 10%, resulting in faster loan application approval and disbursement times for SMEs.

Be prepared to be inspired by industry experts who will walk you through the remarkable intersection of technology, data, and finance. Be part of a transformative journey as we unveil the secrets behind Banca AideXa’s success and explore how your business can benefit from its groundbreaking banking experience.

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Your Speaker

Matteo Camelia
Banca AideXa | Head of Data Science

Matteo completed his education at the renowned Galilean School of Higher Education in Padua, Italy. With many years of experience as a Project Leader at CRIF and a strong foundation in the banking industry and quantitative methodologies centred around data analysis, Matteo now heads the Data Science team at Banca AideXa. This team is responsible for various aspects including data collection, management, and analysis. Under Matteo’s leadership, there is now a focus on automation and data-driven activities. His experience enhances the proactivity of the entire strategic team.