Financial Spreading Module

Spreading & Analysis of Financial Statements

Capturing and spreading financial statements and calculating financial ratios are key processes in credit risk management. The Financial Spreading software offers a comprehensive feature set for collecting, spreading, and analyzing financial statement data, which includes but is not limited to balance sheets, profit and loss statements and cash flow statements. Using fully configurable financial spreading templates, the software can calculate financial ratios no matter the complexity – and generate financial analysis reports. These reports can include peer-group analysis to benchmark counterparties with similar companies in the same market or industry.

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Key Features

Assess Creditworthiness by Capturing and Analyzing Annual Financial Statements

Capture Financial Statements

The application allows users to capture, analyze and manage financial statements within a central web-based application. The system supports various accounting standards, such as IFRS, US-GAAP and other local GAAPs.

Financial Analysis

Automatic calculation of financial ratios, which can be integrated into further risk rating and loan origination processes. Formulas are administered through MS Excel spreadsheets to calculate financial ratios, which provides a high level of flexibility.

Peer-Group Analysis

The Financial Spreading software has a wide range of comparison functionalities. This includes multi-year trend analysis of a single counterparty and comparison of companies with their peer groups.

Generate Reports & Analyses

The Financial Spreading module lets you generate reports in various formats, such as PDF, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint. The reports are fully configurable and may contain comprehensive counterparty analysis (e.g. peer-group analysis).

Financial Covenants

The software enables financial covenants to be set up and tracked within the application. Covenants can be defined on an obligor or facility level and are subject to the specific credit policies of a financial institution.

Import & Export Data

Financial statements can be imported and exported via MS Excel. In addition, financial data can be obtained from external data sources, such as local credit bureaus or other data providers.



High Scalability

The module is based on the most current state-of-the-art technologies and system architecture. The platform has been designed for high availability and high scalability in the enterprise software segment. All data is stored in a centralized database and is available for data analysis and reporting requirements.


Version Management & Auditability

New or updated spreading templates are uploaded into the web application and activated by users with specific privileges. This ensures that only authorized users can deploy and/or activate new spreading templates.


Seamless Integration

The Financial Spreading module seamlessly integrates with a bank’s existing internal system, e.g. core banking system. A standard interface provides access to financial data from related key processes in commercial banking, such as risk rating, loan underwriting, and origination.

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