Financial Spreading Module

Automated statement spreading and analysis for enhanced risk assessment

Capturing and analyzing a client’s financial data can be a time intensive process and lead to lengthy underwriting and processing times.

ACTICO’s Financial Spreading Module transforms the process of spreading financials. The complete and intelligent spreading solution helps financial institutions to automatically extract data from financial statements across multiple languages and currencies allowing to streamline the underwriting processes, increase efficiencies, and improve data quality.

Key Features

Automated and Streamlined Financial Spreading Process

Automated Spreading

  • Automatically extract financial data from documents, including financial statements and tax returns
  • Process different file types (e.g. PDF, images, Excel), languages and currencies
  • Use AI to intelligently standardize to spreading templates

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External Data Feeds

  • Seamlessly integrate external data sources providing financial data (e.g. credit bureaus)
  • Import XBRL-based filings from business registrars and other data sources

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Financial Statement Analysis

  • Allow end users to adjust reported financials
  • Flexibly create and manage custom spreading templates
  • Calculate financial ratios and project future financials

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Risk Rating and Decisioning

  • API-enabled access allows for seamless integration of financial data with credit scoring and rating models, and credit approval workflows

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Automate financial statement spreading using AI
  • AI-powered import and processing of financial documents including PDF, Excel, images and scans
  • Automated identification of tables containing financial data, and data extraction using OCR technologies
  • Standardize data and intelligently map line items from source documents to spreading templates
  • User interface for data review and manual adjustments

Reduce efforts for manual data entry by integrating external data sources
  • Integrate with external data sources (e.g. credit bureau, rating agencies) for automatic data import
  • Import financials in XBRL format from business registrars and other data sources
  • Automatically map external data models to internal spreading templates

Consistently analyze financial statement data
  • Make adjustments to reported financials and add comments using an intuitive web-based application
  • Calculate and analyze financial ratios using portfolio-specific off-the-shelf spreading templates or internal templates
  • Manage client-specific custom accounts and custom ratios
  • Conduct trend analyzes and run projections
  • Annualize across non-annual reporting periods and consolidate across groups of connected clients
  • Report on financial statement data and export into different formats (e.g. PDF, Excel, Word)

Integrate with risk rating models and credit decision worflows
  • Store all financial statement data in a centralized, auditable database, either on-premise or in the cloud
  • Natively integrate financials for risk rating models and credit decisioning using the ACTICO’s solution modules (Credit Risk Rating and Credit Workflow and Origination)
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows and applications using modern and standardized interfaces / APIs


Benefit from a solution that combines automated spreading and comprehensive financial statement analysis in one integrated platform.

Faster Spreads

Increase the efficiency and accuracy by automating manual date entry


Leverage built-in spreading templates and flexibly create custom templates


Combine AI with human review for faster and more accurate spreading

Gain Speed

Accelerate credit underwriting workflows


Ensure consistency, improve data quality and minimize errors

Continuous Learning

Benefit from AI which learns from analyst’s inputs


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