ACTICO Platform Use Cases

Customer Engagement

In the digital world, successful customer relationships rely on personalized interactions and real-time responsiveness. Learn how ACTICO Platform helps optimize digital customer engagement approaches.

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Whether corporate or retail business, dynamic pricing or multichannel scenario – ACTICO Platform allows companies to implement even complex price calculations and provide them to all channels.

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Fraud Prevention

Fraud is omnipresent in the digital business world, causing tremendous financial losses. Intelligent technologies help detect fraud and adapt quickly to new patterns. Companies thus avoid financial losses and reduce costs.

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Insurance business is a balancing act between risks and needs – for both the customer and the insurer. Whether risk assessments, premium calculations or process control, ACTICO Platform streamlines underwriting processes.

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Claims Management

Claims management involves lots of repetitive tasks. ACTICO Platform help process and settle claims automatically. If a case cannot be clarified automatically, workflow-based decisioning provides a solution.

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