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Why i decided to work for actico

Employee story with Sabrina Merle – Rule Consultant in the Credit Risk Team

HR: Sabrina, you have been at ACTICO since September 2007. What team do you work on?

Sabrina: I started at ACTICO when I was still a student. I have been working as a rule consultant in the Projects & Solutions department for seven years. My main tasks are technical and professional modeling, as well as responsibility for the software architecture, design and release building for large, international customer projects.

HR: Tell us about your career so far. How did you start working at ACTICO?

Sabrina: While studying business informatics at the University of Ravensburg-Weingarten, I took part in the university's career day. This is how I got to know about ACTICO, which was called Innovations Software Technology GmbH at that time. I then applied for an internship there and started in the systems engineering area. As my university entrance qualifications had a commercial focus, I already knew a good deal about business subjects. During the internship, I worked to gain deeper insight into technology. After the internship, I worked as a student trainee and then completed my bachelor thesis in systems engineering. I felt very comfortable from the beginning, so for me it was not a question of whether I wanted to stay at ACTICO, but rather one of which department I wanted to work in. Since I had always been interested in working at the customer site, I explored opportunities there. I finally received a suitable offer from Christine Moosherr in the Projects & Solutions department, where I have been working since.

HR: What is your field of activity?

Sabrina: The activities performed by a rule consultant at ACTICO are very diverse. I have now been working in this area for seven years. My activities include everything related to the use of ACTICO Rules and our ACTICO Workplace - from preparing training documents to delivering training courses through to project work - whereby project work takes up a large part of the daily tasks. For the project itself, there are various tasks to complete. For several years now, I have been working on the architecture of ACTICO Rules models in the projects, have had the opportunity to make design decisions in new projects, and to coordinate the modeling tasks. In doing so, I have become somewhat of a "techie", solving technical problems and hacking out ACTICO Rules models. I also work as a modeler in other project phases. And there are requirements analysis workshops at the customer site, the preparation of specifications and the formulation of individual tasks. This also includes overnight releases, which bring the team closer together.

HR: Which tasks do you find particularly exciting?

Sabrina: The mix is what makes it! I snap up the opportunity to take on a new task. And going out to our international customers is just as exciting. In 2014, I had the opportunity to go to Chicago for six months to work with colleagues in the US on a major project. That was an amazing experience and has contributed greatly to my professional development. Customer contact, but no body leasing - this is what makes the rule consultant position at ACTICO so interesting to me.

HR: What makes ACTICO so special as an employer?

Sabrina: Flexibility, humanity and an open ear at all times! An understanding of personal circumstances and goals is very important to ACTICO. We have very flexible working hours, as well as the opportunity to work from home. In the summer, it can be very warm in the office, so you can just jump into Lake Constance during the lunch break and continue working at ACTICO in the evening. Colleagues also become friends through company and team events such as ski trips, Christmas parties and hut weekends. We are not just colleagues - many colleagues and team members have become friends over the years. They celebrate their birthdays with each other, go to concerts and enjoy barbecues at Lake Constance. The fact that I come to the office in the mornings feeling motivated and in a good mood also says a lot about them.

HR:  How much have you developed during your time at ACTICO?

Sabrina: I would say that I have developed a great deal. All in all, I have been at the company for nine years now. This is a very long time, during which a lot has happened. I started here as a young student and have grown up somewhat at ACTICO. I owe this to very special people, who saw potential in me and encouraged me. Here I learned how to walk, from a professional perspective, and I am now striving to expand that even further.


HR: How do you spend your free time and what are your hobbies?

Sabrina: My biggest hobby is majorettes, in which I am active (Jenny's Tanzgarde Ravensburg). In winter, I go snowboarding! I like reading and read a lot. I also enjoy cycling in summer and love cooking. Apart from that, I love traveling, via VW camper van and with friends.

HR: Thank you for your insights and we wish you further success with your exciting projects!

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