Actico emergency and risk management awarded ISO certification

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Business Continuity Management System (BCM) increases security for the company and its clients

Immenstaad/Chicago/Singapore, September 10, 2020 – Actico’s Business Continuity Management System (BCM) awarded certification by audit body DQS

Christine Moosherr, Chief Operating Officer at Actico, is delighted: “For us and our clients, it’s a great acknowledgement that our emergency and risk management meets ISO and international standards”.

ISO certificate 22301 is awarded to companies that demonstrate they are well equipped to handle all kinds of business interruptions. Moosherr explains that achieving certification entails analysing critical situations and drawing up, documenting and testing procedures. They have to be “continuously improved and adapted to new circumstances in order to address problems as quickly as possible.” These procedures cover areas like first aid, server failure, bomb explosions and pandemics.

In this latter case, Actico’s BCM system was clearly working well before it was certified. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, all necessary precautions were put in place quickly and smoothly. “From one day to the next, our whole team shifted to working from home”, says Actico CEO Hans Jürgen Rieder. Even before the pandemic, mobile working was the norm, and the company had the infrastructure in place to support it.  “All we had to do was increase the bandwidth.” As a result, everything ran smoothly for the company and its clients, with zero delays or malfunctions.