Sabrina Merle

I began working as a consultant in the Credit Risk team in 2007. I mainly work on the technical and specialist modeling of ACTICO rules models and am responsible for the architecture of rules models in major, international client projects.

My work at ACTICO is very varied. I’m involved in every phase of large, rule-based credit risk projects. As a consultant, I look after the architecture of the rules models, coordinate modeling tasks and also implement the requirements myself. I also run needs analysis workshops at the client’s site, draw up specifications and map out individual tasks.

In 2014 I had an opportunity to go to Chicago for six months to work on a big project with my ACTICO colleagues in the US. It was an amazing experience, and it really boosted my professional development.

Most of my days are taken up with project work, but I’m also involved in many aspects of the ACTICO Academy, including training courses, best practices and developing a knowledge-sharing platform.

I first heard about ACTICO when I was studying business informatics at the Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences. I did an internship and then worked there as a student trainee. During this time, I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis in systems engineering. ACTICO is where I found my feet from a professional perspective – you could say it’s where I grew up. This was thanks to some very special people who saw potential in me and encouraged me – and they are still helping me to progress in my career.

What do I like most about ACTICO?

Its flexibility, humanity and the fact that co-workers and managers always have a ready ear. Work-life balance is a top priority at ACTICO. We have very flexible working hours and opportunities to work from home. We have lots of company and team events, and many colleagues have become friends over the years. That’s one of the main reasons why I feel motivated and in a good mood when I come to work in the morning.