BayernLB relies on ACTICO’s Compliance Suite to detect fraud in the form of market manipulation and insider trading

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Munich/Immenstaad, 17 August 2022 – ACTICO, an international provider of AI-powered digital decision-making software is pleased to support Bayerische Landesbank by automating the process of monitoring business transactions. As a focused and specialist bank, BayernLB is a key investor and financial player in the Bavarian and national economy. The challenge it faced was to automate more of its processing to comply with ever-intensifying EU legal requirements as well as various national regulations enacted to help detect market manipulation and insider trading. The state bank, which focuses on companies, savings banks and institutional investors, wanted to review and then replace its existing compliance solution.

After screening the market, BayernLB opted for ACTICO and the MAID (Market Abuse and Insider Dealing Detection) module from the Compliance Suite. For complex financial transactions, which BayernLB frequently handle, it can detect indications of market manipulation and insider trading at an early stage. The MAID product assesses all relevant BayernLB transactions with a comprehensive set of monitoring rules, which can also be flexibly tailored to special scenarios and requirements, even for business users without IT access. Behaviour patterns flagged as anomalies include so-called wash trades, improper matched orders and front- or parallel-running transactions, which, when detected, automatically trigger a clarification request within the system.

The ACTICO suite can also manage watchlists and blacklists of individuals who potentially have insider knowledge on certain companies. Work is currently underway to digitise duplicates arising from financial transactions carried out by BayernLB employees at other institutions. Still now, the information often arrives at the BayernLB as hard copies or PDF files, which would previously have to be manually processed.

“ACTICO is an agile and competent partner, which excels in the area of technical and professional solutions. They offered exceptional cooperation throughout and communicated clearly and efficiently. So it goes without saying that we are looking forward to continued cooperation in the digitisation projects to come.” – the BayernLB verdict.

If you are keen to know more, a detailed description of the ACTICO digitisation project at BayernLB can be read and accessed here.

The BayernLB project team: Sabine Lidl, Theresa Aretz, Thomas Hanke and Petra Lauber

About BayernLB

As one of Germany’s leading commercial banks, BayernLB applies its wealth of expertise to build strong and lasting relationships with corporate customers. In mortgage financing, for example, it supports customers in value creation across the board, both in Germany and in selected foreign markets. It is the main bank for the Free State of Bavaria and the central bank for the Bavarian savings banks. As a tech bank, DKB provides an outstanding customer experience and cutting-edge digital solutions. BayernLB offers its customers wide-ranging options for sustainable capital investment through its asset management companies.