Business Decision Management 

Model, automate and optimize operational business decisions to drive digital transformation.

Decision Management
Operational Decisions Drive Digitalization

What is Decision Management?

Companies rely on decision management to optimize and automate their operational business decisions. They use DMN decision modeling to analyze and document their operational decisions in a transparent way. The models can then be stored in a central repository and executed automatically across all systems, processes and channels. This way, companies establish a single point of truth for operational decision-making models and drive business automation.

Decision Management with ACTICO Platform


Decisions affect every business domain, whether price calculation, product recommendation, process control, compliance, risk assessment and much more.


Automated decision-making enables interactions in real time. They are a central prerequisite for the digital transformation.


Decisions make companies capable of acting. They allow you to leverage and combine expert and data knowledge to perform the next best action.


Operational business decisions are repeated many times a day. They thus are the central lever for increasing profitability.

Banking & Insurance

Why adopt Decision Management?

Banks and insurance companies in particular rely on decision management to drive forward the digital business transformation. Using decision management, they increase the transparency and traceability of operational decisions, operationalize insights from analytics and ensure personalized, digital customer interactions in real time.

Decision Management Systems

Decision management systems (decision management platforms) support companies across the entire decision management process – from decision modeling via administration to the automated execution of decision making processes.


Graphical decision modeling tools allow business and technical users to uncover, define and document their operational decision-making processes.


The decision models are stored in one central repository allowing users and teams to collaboratively and securely manage and optimize these models with their versions.


decision engine allows the automated execution of decision models. This is usually done as webservices (decision services) that can be used by any process or business application.


If changes are necessary, users simply access the centralized decision models. They quickly and flexibly realize their changes without the need to adapt any process or application. This way, the business gets independent from IT release cycles.

Do you know our DMN Reference Guide & DMN Poster?

Whether beginner or expert – our DMN Poster and the DMN Reference Guide provide optimum support for your daily work.

Software for Operational Decision Management
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Software for digitizing case-based decision making
ACTICO Platform
The Decision Management Suite

Companies use ACTICO Platform to automate and optimize their operational decisions. They create highly flexible decision management applications in no time and digitalize their decision-centric business models.

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Software for Intelligent Decision Automation through Machine Learning
ACTICO Machine Learning
Use predictive models to automate operational decisions

ACTICO Machine Learning is an integrated software platform for intelligent decision automation. It offers a well-aligned toolset for modeling, managing and automating operational decisions and apply machine learning technology.

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Automate rules-based operational decisions
Manage and automate business rules

With ACTICO Rules, companies automate their rule-based decisions. Business professionals maintain their business rule logic autonomously and implement changes independent of IT release cycles. Watch the video and learn more about ACTICO Rules.

ACTICO Software
The Basis for Digitizing Business Decisions

ACTICO develops software solutions and products for automated decision management. With ACTICO Platform and ACTICO Rules, ACTICO provides the technological basis that enables companies to create, test, implement and maintain decision management solutions and optimize business performance.