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Increase productivity by automating and optimizing your operational decisions

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Operational Decision Management

With ACTICO software for operational decision management companies automate and optimize their decision-making processes. Whether you want to improve business agility by integrating business rules with your processes, reduce time-to-market by enhancing collaboration, integrate data and other digital content in your business decisions or gain a better understanding of your business by analyzing data: ACTICO software enables you to reduce efforts and to make comprehensible operational decisions.

Software for Operational Decision Management
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Software for digitizing case-based decision making
ACTICO Workplace
The digital workplace for case-based decision making
Companies use ACTICO Workplace to improve the efficiency of their daily decision making. They create flexible, web-based decision management applications in no time and digitize interactive decision making processes.
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Automate rules-based operational decisions
Automate operational decisions
With ACTICO Rules, companies automate their operational decision processes. Business professionals maintain their business decision logic autonomously and implement changes independent of IT release cycles. Discover why the financial industry relies on ACTICO Rules!
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ACTICO Software
The Basis for Digitizing Business Decisions

ACTICO develops software solutions and products for automated decision management. With ACTICO Workplace and ACTICO Rules, ACTICO provides the technological basis that enables companies to create, test, implement and maintain decision management solutions and optimize business performance.