The following disclaimer outlines the terms and conditions regarding the storage of User Data (name, email address, courses) on servers located in the United States, specifically provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Please read this disclaimer carefully before engaging with our services:


  1. Data Storage Location: We would like to inform you that your User Data will be stored on AWS servers located in the United States. By using our services, you acknowledge, consent, and agree that your data will be transferred to and stored on these servers.
  2. Legal Jurisdiction: The United States may have different data protection laws and regulations compared to your country of residence. By using our services, you expressly consent to the transfer and storage of your data in the United States, and you understand that it will be subject to U.S. laws.
  3. Third-Party Disclosure: We do not disclose your user data to third parties unless required by applicable laws, regulations, or legal processes. However, please note that AWS, as a cloud service provider, has access to your data in order to provide infrastructure and technical support.
  4. User Responsibility: It is your responsibility to ensure that the user data you provide complies with applicable laws and regulations. By using our services and storing data on AWS servers in the United States, you represent and warrant that you have the necessary rights, permissions, and consents to store and process such data.
  5. Changes to Server Locations: We reserve the right to change the server locations and infrastructure providers in the future, provided that such changes continue to comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations.
  6. For requests regarding data privacy please contact the DPO/DPP under data-security@actico.com.

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