VP Bank Group cuts its workload in half when using fuzzy payment screening with machine learning

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Immenstaad, September 14, 2021 – VP Bank Group uses fuzzy payment screening with ACTICO Machine Learning to produce better-quality hits while cutting its workload in half.

VP Bank Group is an internationally active private bank and one of the largest banks in Liechtenstein. In order to meet ever-stricter compliance rules in payment screening, the VP Bank Group decided to install a new payment screening system. The system is based on ACTICO Machine Learning and follows a new approach, which enables it to improve the quality of hits, especially in fuzzy matching. Thanks to the new system, the workload of payments staff could already be halved.

Fabian Wälte, Head of Payments and Transaction Services at VP Bank Group also has his say in our success story. Click on the button below to download the document. There you will find out more about the project and its implementation.

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The unique feature of ACTICO’s new payment screening system is the combination of different machine learning methods and their similarity algorithms. Following this approach, the system achieves maximum effectiveness and efficiency when screening payments. Risky payments are flagged up while false hits are kept to a minimum.

An external consulting firm, commissioned by VP Bank Group, confirmed the above average efficiency of the model. Since the GoLive of the system, the volume of hits declined steadily while their quality continued to improve.

"For us, it was important that fuzzy matching would increase the quality of hits for incoming and outgoing payments without unnecessarily increasing the number of transactions that had to be checked. We achieved this goal without overburdening our payments and compliance teams."

Fabian Wälte

Head of Payments and Transaction Services at VP Bank Group

Read the Success Story for more detailed information.

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About VP Bank Group

VP Bank Group is an internationally active private bank and one of the largest banks in Liechtenstein. It has offices in Vaduz, Zurich, Luxembourg, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. VP Bank is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The group’s financial strength is confirmed by its A rating from Standard & Poor’s. The majority of share capital is in the hands of three cornerstone investors: the Stiftung Fürstl. Kommerzienrat Guido Feger, the U.M.M. Hilti-Stiftung and the Marxer Stiftung für Banken- und Unternehmenswerte – three foundations that guarantee its continuity, independence and stability.


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Today, its customers include leading companies in 25+ countries, including KfW, ING, Volkswagen Financial Services, LGT Group and Bank Vontobel. The company has offices in Chicago and Singapore. Its head office is located in Immenstaad, Germany.