Saving up to 57% of the effort in the KYC process

Compliance must keep an eye on ever changing customer data. Therefore, banks and insurance companies regularly check whether data of new and existing customers match entries in sanctions and PEP lists.

KYC software with machine learning functionality brings more automation to the KYC process. In customer screening, the machine learning component in the ACTICO Compliance Suite can save up to 57% effort in the clarifications required for false positives. This is made possible by Machine Learning, which supports compliance staff in focusing more on real risks.

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Key Features

Automate the KYC process in banks and insurance companies even more – with machine learning

Machine Learning has proven to be a suitable technology for the automation of the KYC process. The ACTICO Compliance Suite has now been supplemented with a machine learning component that enables a savings potential of up to 57%.

Identify suspicious persons and PEPs in the customer base

The algorithm in the ACTICO Compliance Suite uses names, countries and dates of birth to find possible matches.

Analyze matches with sanctions and PEP lists

The machine learning component evaluates the match of customer data with entries in sanctions and PEP lists using a learned model.


Predict risk probability, prioritize clarifications

The learned model predicts the probability of a possible match being a true positive.


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