ACTICO Workplace

Improve the productivity of your daily decision making by providing the right information at the right time

Empowering the knowledge worker

A flexible workplace for case-based decision making

In the digital world, daily decision making is a flexible, knowledge-intensive process that often varies depending on case and context. Besides managing this complexity, companies need to increase productivity and efficiency by aligning their technology with ever-changing business demands. ACTICO Workplace allows you to build up highly flexible, rich web applications for case-based decision making in no time. Subject matter experts use this digital workplace to arrive at consistent decisions efficiently, business managers gain valuable insights, and corporate IT is enabled to optimize the workplace on a continuous basis.

With ACTICO Workplace companies create a flexible, digital workplace for case-based decision-making processes

digital workplace for smarter Decisions

Create interactive, flexible web applications for operational decision making

Create rich, customized web applications

ACTICO Workplace helps you create rich web applications that are easily customized to specific business needs. A graphical modeling approach offers a powerful way to set up holistic case-based decision management applications quickly and update them on the spot when new demands arise. Subject matter experts can independently model and maintain their requirements, while IT professionals benefit from comprehensive technical support. Instead of making users adapt to technology, customize technology to the users' needs.

Digitize your case-based decision making

Business decisions have to consider many criteria and often vary depending on case and context. ACTICO Workplace allows you to digitize your case-based decision-making processes. Information, workflows or user roles and permissions define the business context, which then dynamically determines what the user needs to process the specific case. Providing the right person with the right information at the right time improves efficiency and takes productivity to a new level.

Case-based decision making means providing the right person with the right information at the right time
Analyzing, visualizing and optimizing decision making

Analyze & optimize your decision making

The ability to gain insights into your business decision making and use this information to improve is crucial to stay ahead in the digital world. ACTICO Workplace allows you to analyze runtimes, identify bottlenecks, and visualize KPIs with customizable reports and interactive dashboards. Subject matter experts leverage this newly gained knowledge by optimizing and implementing their business rules and decision models independently of IT release cycles. This allows you to establish a closed feedback loop for continuous business transformation.

Key Features

Interactive Workflows

A digital workplace combines automated processing and interactive, case-based human workflows. From simple data imports and calculations to multi-level approval workflows – all steps required for processing are designed and maintained easily and transparently.

Configurable Worklists

Define and configure worklists to help subject matter experts better organize and finish their work. Pending tasks, notifications and alerts display the status of your business decisions and help you deliver results in an efficient and focused manner.

Data Visualization & Reporting

Design and configure standard and ad-hoc reports easily with a drag-and-drop editor. Interactive dashboards allow you to visualize statistical information or KPIs. Access to these business insights is secured by the existing user rights and permissions concept.

Rapid App Development

Subject matter experts and IT professionals configure all elements and layers of the web application with a unique graphical modeling approach. Rapid application development allows you to implement new features or modifications in the blink of an eye.

Centralized Data Storage

All data are stored centrally and in an audit-proof way within the ACTICO Workplace database. This allows you to build a solid foundation for comprehensive reporting. A configurable publishing service allows you to export this data and make it accessible for third-party tools.

Governance Support

A wide variety of tried-and-tested features control, monitor, and document the entire life cycle of your business application. Transparency, accountability, reusability and secure operation are just some of the key concepts within our advanced governance support.

"From a model development perspective the platform is well structured, flexible and easy to use. We also found the platform to have an excellent architectural fit within our technical environment"
Justus Ortlepp, Business Analyst, Rand Merchant Bank


Improved Productivity

The combination of automated processing and interactive decision making improves productivity significantly. The business-driven development approach ensures that your application always meets business demands and user acceptance criteria in the best way possible.

Rapid Time-to-Market

The graphical development approach allows you to set up even complex business applications in a few weeks (minimum viable product). Besides, minimum integration efforts, automated deployment processes, and continuous incorporation of users accelerate innovation cycles dramatically.

Optimized Collaboration

Optimize collaboration on a corporate level by implementing collaborative workflows and by aligning business and IT through one common platform. Subject matter experts use the platform to maintain their business logic and IT takes care of the runtime environment and technical integration.

Reduced Complexity

Today’s IT landscapes are comprised of many heterogeneous systems in which business applications need to move data in and out, receive and send messages and integrate legacy systems. ACTICO Workplace helps you reduce complexity and model all communication needs simply – there is no need to introduce any additional tools.

High Flexibility & Scalability

Whether you want to expand into new regions, add new features and functions or raise the number of users and transactions – the digital workplace grows with the company. ACTICO Workplace offers the flexibility and scalability necessary to meet the ever-changing demands of the continuously transforming digital world.

Audit-Proof Transparency

Transparency and traceability are core requirements of companies digitizing their decision-making processes. ACTICO Workplace allows you to log all decisions made and to track all changes to the underlying models. This allows you to ensure audit-proof transparency of your decision making.