Loan Origination

Automate origination processes and calculate credit risk

Loan origination
Automate origination and credit decision processes 

Banks and other financial services institutions around the world are looking for ways to improve operational efficiency, control risk and achieve a long-term competitive advantage – while maintaining compliance with an ever-increasing set of regulatory requirements. 

Outperform the competition by investing in systems that enable you to overcome these challenges. ACTICO’s solution provides a highly flexible, enterprise-level credit risk management framework that automates credit risk assessment and origination processes in banks, financial service providers and corporations.

Our offering
A centralized platform for different credit portfolios

Retail Lending

Automate scoring models and decision-making strategies in retail lending.

Commercial Lending

Implement complex risk assessment and decision-making processes in commercial lending.

Leasing  and Asset Financing

Define risk management and lending decisions in leasing and asset financing.

FinTechs and Alternative Lenders

Implement and seamlessly integrate credit analysis and decision-making processes.

Key Features
Create efficient & streamlined processes for loan origination

Credit Risk Assessment

Whether dealing with consumer loans or commercial credits, banks need to assess credit risks associated. In the retail segment, this is done through scoring models (e.g. application and behavioral scoring) and in the corporate banking segment through risk rating models that typically involve, both quantitative and qualitative risk factors.

Credit Bureau Integration

The integration with external data providers (e.g. credit bureaus) is an essential part of both the new and existing business. Often banks need to integrate with multiple credit bureaus called in a cascading logic or in parallel for high performance requirements. The Credit Bureau Gateway provides seamless access to Credit Bureaus worldwide.

Credit Decisioning and Policy Rules

Based on the information available, such as compliance data, credit reports, scorings and ratings, banks and financial institutions apply internal policy rules and credit decisioning strategies. These decisions can be fully automated and can involve complex manual, role-based, multi-stage approval processes.

Decision Strategy Implementation

Scorecards and credit decisioning strategies need to be implemented in a flexible manner. Business rules model can be imported from statistical model outputs (e.g. PMML) or implemented in a graphical rules authoring environment. 

Workflow Support

During credit application processing, several automated and manual decision-making processes (e.g. in case of referral) have to be passed to make a final credit decision. Especially for commercial banking, this may involve processing of credit proposals that need to pass multi-stage role-based approval processes.

Risk Monitoring

Banks are required to establish early warning systems for constant risk monitoring. For corporate clients, credit risks have to be identified based on early warning indicators that can take into account the interplay of several risk factors as well as each factor in isolation. For the retail segment, behavioral scorings have to be applied.

Our Software for Loan Origination
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Software zur Automatisierung & Optimierung von Kreditentscheidungen und -bewertungen.

Credit Risk Management Platform
Flexibly implement risk rating and credit origination workflows in commercial lending.

The Credit Risk Management Platform is a highly flexible, enterprise-level credit risk management framework that automates credit risk assessment and origination processes in banks, financial service providers and corporations.

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Software zur Erfassung, Prüfung und Verarbeitung von Kreditanträgen
Credit Decision Platform for Retail Lending
Automate credit scoring, pricing, and decisioning in retail lending.

The Credit Decision Platform is a decisioning engine to efficiently automate application scoring, decisioning and pricing rules in retail lending scenario. It is used for application and behavior scoring.

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