Loan Origination

Automate your processes for loan origination and lending 

Our Software for Loan Origination
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Software for automation of loan origination processes.
Credit Decision Platform
Automate loan origination processes
The Credit Decision Platform is a robust and scalable software solution for automating loan origination processes. The software is used in both consumer and corporate lending.
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Software for connectivity with external data sources.
Credit Bureau Gateway
Include external data sources
The Credit Bureau Gateway offers standardized and highly reliable connectivity with external data providers, such as credit bureaus. ACTICO provides standardized connectors for various credit bureaus worldwide.
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Rule technology for graphical implementation of credit guidelines
Implement credit guidelines graphically
With ACTICO Rules, all business rules such as credit policies or scoring / rating models, are implemented graphically. Credit decisioning models can thus be adapted and extended at any time. ACTICO Rules is an integral part of our solutions for credit risk management.
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loan origination
Automate Credit Decision Processes

Our software helps financial institutions, companies and financial service providers to automate their lending processes. The credit decision system enables the collection, processing and auditing of credit applications, as well as the automation of lending processes. The Credit Bureau Gateway integrates information from external data sources into the credit decision process. The Credit Decision Platform and the Credit Bureau Gateway are used in consumer and corporate business.