Credit Risk Management

Quantify, monitor and simulate credit risks with our highly flexible software solutions

Credit Risk Management

Credit risk is most simply defined as the potential that a bank borrower or counterparty will fail to meet its obligations in accordance with agreed terms. Sound practices and tools for Credit Risk Management are essential to the long-term success of banking organizations and financial services providers.

But what are the challenges associated with IT systems implementing models, tools and processes used for credit risk management?

Data silos: If data is not easily accessible around the clock, credit risk reporting may be hindered by problematic delays.

Lack of flexibility: If updates to existing risk models and tools are tedious and costly, banks risk using outdated models and systems that do not reflect the current risk appetite of its organization.

Difficult reporting: If credit risk data is spread across numerous individual spreadsheets, risk aggregation, consolidation and reporting become extremely time consuming and error prone tasks

Lack of automation: Credit assessment and origination workflows are mission-critical, but also time intensive processes. A lack of automation decreases operational efficiency and increase costs.

Compliance regulations: The depth, breadth and inter-connectedness of regulatory requirements have increased dramatically. Now, more than ever, organizations require technologies that help them to fulfill regulatory requirements, and at the same streamline processes and speed lending decisions. 

ACTICO Software for Credit Risk Management
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 Software for automation & optimization of credit decisions and -ratings.
Credit Risk Management Platform
Assess & monitor credit risks and automate credit origination processes
The Credit Risk Management Platform is a robust and scalable software solution to support processes for credit risk assessment and originating commercial loans. Key functionalities include the spreading and analysis of financial statements and the implementation and execution of internal credit risk rating models. The platform helps commercial lenders to automate credit workflows and make better-informed lending decisions.
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Rules technology for the graphical implementation of rating models
Implement rating models graphically
With ACTICO Rules, rating and scoring models are implemented graphically. From graphical models, the software generates executable program code which can be seamlessly integrated into existing software infrastructures and processes. ACTICO Rules can be used as a standalone technology or as an integral part of our solutions for credit risk management.
Credit Risk Management Software made in Germany – Used around the world
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