Analyze risks and meet compliance requirements
with risk-based software.

Automate Compliance even further
Make compliance decisions faster and better

Compliance has become a hot topic in banking and insurance for digitalization and automation. Compliance Officers and IT managers expect automated compliance decisions to be better and less costly. The combination of rule-based software and machine learning makes this possible.

Compliance Management
Our Compliance Software combats money laundering, fraud & market manipulation.

The Compliance Suite provides the foundation for mapping compliance requirements for banks, insurance companies and financial service providers. Discover the areas where our compliance software comes into play. 

Risk-based approach 
Concentration on relevant compliance risks

Financial compliance has many facets: AML measures for detecting money laundering and fraud, embargo monitoring, uncovering market manipulation, insider trading and conflicts of interest or considering product, client and investment suitability. Due to the high volumes of data and complexity involved, compliance analysis requires a powerful software that checks compliance scenarios in an audit-proof way.

Focus on Compliance

Compliance management is one of the top issues for finance companies. The regulations for meeting compliance are constantly growing. This is why enterprises are forced to adapt their compliance measures. Board members in financial institutions also put compliance high on the agenda in order to avoid reputation risk or fines.

Detect Risks

Compliance measures are a crucial factor for financial institutions who wish to address company threats by economic crime from both inside and outside. Detecting fraud and money laundering, and embargo monitoring, are some of the measures designed to prevent financial crime by external parties. International regulatory rulings must also be complied with; they include anti-money-laundering acts, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) or standards by financial organizations, such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in the USA.

Risk-Based Compliance

Our Compliance management system contains software modules that cover any conceivable scenario: money laundering prevention, sanctions list screening, monitoring of financial sanctions, detection of insider trading and market abuse, and conflict of interest management. Other compliance issues, such as fraud, MiFID 2 suitability and cross-border transaction monitoring can also be handled using our technology.

Software for managing regulatory Compliance
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Fulfill regulatory requirements automatically with ACTICO Compliance Suite
Compliance Suite
Analyze risks & fulfill compliance requirements

With the ACTICO Compliance Suite it is easy to manage regulatory requirements and automate compliance processes. The software is composed of individually selectable modules using the modular principle.

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Cross-Border Suitability
Cross Border Suitability
Make decisions based on digital country manuals
New regulatory compliance requirements for investor protection pose special challenges, in particular for banks with significant volumes of international business. Our Cross-Border Suitability Solution - using IT-based decision making and in an audit-proof way - answers the question of whether you are allowed to offer a product or service to a given client.