Analyze risks and meet compliance requirements
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Compliance Management
Our Compliance Software combats money laundering, fraud & market manipulation.

The Compliance Suite provides the foundation for mapping compliance requirements for banks, insurance companies and financial service providers. Discover the areas where our compliance software comes into play. 

Software for Your Compliance Management
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Software for prevention of money laundering in banks.
Money Laundering Detection System
Prevent Money Laundering
Anti-money laundering checks at banks are based on the risk-oriented analysis of customer and transaction data. Learn how banks check millions of compliance risk data daily.
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Software for data checks against sanctions lists.
Name Matching Customer
Check Sanctions Lists
Data from new and existing accounts must be checked against entries on sanctions lists such as OFAC, EU or World Check List. Find out how our Name Matching Customer supports these checks.
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Software for transactions monitoring.
Name Matching Transaction
Monitor Embargoes
Before carrying out financial transactions, receivers are scanned for potential embargoes. Learn how our compliance module, Name Matching Transaction, examines data such as name, alias, country or booking texts.
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Software for prevention of market abuse & insider dealing.
Market Abuse and Insider Dealing Detection
Avoid Market Abuse and Insider Trading
Create security for your employees and institution or monitor exchange transactions in order to prevent market manipulation. Find out how our compliance module, Market Abuse and Insider Dealing Detection (MAID), can help you do just that.
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Software to prevent conflicts of interests.
Management of Conflicting Interests
Identify Conflicts of Interest
Conflicts of interest in banks should not adversely affect customers. Consequently, a well thought out concept is needed for dealing with and managing conflicts of interest. See how our compliance module, Management of Conflicting Interests (MCI), can ensure your customers are not affected by internal interest conflicts.
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Cross-Border Suitability
Cross Border Suitability
Make decisions based on digital country manuals
New regulatory requirements for investor protection pose special challenges, in particular for banks with significant volumes of international business. Our Cross-Border Suitability Solution - using IT-based decision making and in an audit-proof way - answers the question of whether you are allowed to offer a product or service to a given client.
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Meet compliance requirements with our business rules technology.
Meet compliance requirements based on rules
ACTICO Rules is the basis for our compliance software solutions. Companies around the world use our market-leading business rules management system to analyze risks, model and meet regulatory requirements, and ensure maximum transparency.
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Decision Management
Ensure Compliance with ACTICO Software

ACTICO software specializes in decision management. It analyzes the data on which operational decisions are made. Our software solutions and products are suitable for various areas of banking and financial services, such as compliance, credit management, credit risk management and customer relationship. For 20 years, customers around the world have used our software.