ACTICO Platform

Maximize the value of decisions, increase automation and drive digital transformation.

Smarter Decisions in the digital world

Software Platform for Decision Management

ACTICO Platform is a highly flexible software technology for automating and optimizing operational decisions. It is used by banks, financial service providers and insurance companies digitalize their business models, optimize interactions and continuously increase the business value of their operational decisions.

Automate, optimize and manage decisions with ACTICO software

Creating business value by mastering the digital transformation

Mastering the Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is changing how companies create business value. Customers want to interact in real-time across a variety of channels – permanent availability is a precondition. At the same time, markets are continuously changing and companies need to be able to manage their increased business risks. In order to raise profitability and grow in this dynamic environment, companies automate and optimize their operational decisions to leverage business value.

Decision Modeling

Create and share graphical decision models

Decision Automation

Automate decisions across all systems and channels

Interactive Decisions

Implement highly flexible, interactive applications

Decision Analytics

Analyze and optimize your operational decisions

Key Features

Systematic Decision Modeling

Business analysts and professionals use an intuitive approach to model operational decisions systematically and in a standardized way. The graphical models improve the transparency over decisions and build the basis for automation and optimization. ACTICO Platform fully supports the DMN standard.

High-Performance Automation

Powerful features allow companies to manage and automate operational decisions with high performance across all processes, systems and channels. Decisions that cannot be fully automated and that require human judgement, are made efficiently in interactive applications.

Model-Driven Platform

The model-driven, integrated platform approach provides the high level of flexibility required in digital business. Companies quickly change and continuously optimize their operational decisions facilitated by comprehensive governance support.

"Within 6 months, cost savings and improved decision quality were apparent."
Nikhilesh Nath, CIO, MarkOne Financial


Maximized Business Value

Systematic decision management enables companies to maximize the business value of every decision. They reduce business and regulatory risks, raise their profitability, and systematically improve the decision quality.

Digital Customer Engagement

By realizing real-time decision making, companies enable digital business and optimize customer engagement across all channels. All decisions made are retraceable in an auditable way.

Accelerated Time to Market

In the digital world, companies need to accelerate the time to market for innovations and changes. They rapidly create digital business solutions, improve decisions on a continuous basis and master today's rapid change cycles.