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The ACTICO Platform is a powerful software for intelligent automation and digital decisioning. It combines human knowledge and artificial intelligence with automation technology.

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Why ACTICO Platform?

Powerful Automation Software

Ease of Use

ACTICO Platform offers high ease of use and gives more power to your business. The graphical development approach enables users to swiftly build, implement and adapt intelligent applications and services without coding.


ACTICO Platform is built for agility. Companies can quickly ramp up new applications and services and implement all kinds of changes – with little or no need for IT support and without waiting for the next IT release.


ACTICO Platform meets even highly demanding performance requirements. The runtime components can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of IT architectures – whether legacy system, microservice architecture or cloud environment.

Customer Story

100 Percent Digital Customer Journey

DMI Finance is a fast-growing financial services company that provides consumer loans, home loans and corporate finance services. Using ACTICO Platform helps DMI in achieving their ambitious growth targets. Watch the video and let DMI Finance tell you how they are moving towards a 100 percent digital customer journey.


AI-Powered, Business-Controlled Automation

ACTICO Platform combines business rules and machine learning technology with powerful automation software. It gives more control to business experts while leveraging AI for data-driven insights.

Business-Controlled Decisions

The low-code, graphical development approach gives business users greater control over decisions.

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Data-Driven Insights

Machine learning models can be easily generated and visually embedded wherever it makes sense.

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Real-Time Interactions

Rules-based, AI-powered automation enables intelligent responses and real-time interactions.

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Built for The Digital World

ACTICO’s low-code platform helps empower your business and improve IT alignment. It has been shown to reduce development efforts by up to 50% and change efforts by up to 90%.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation enables companies to act faster and smarter. It combines AI approaches with automation technology and uses business rules to retain full control over what is happening.

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Machine Learning & AI

Artificial intelligence is shaking up the way companies do business. As a key AI approach, machine learning leverages data to generate insights that can be used for automation.

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Digital Decisioning

Turn insights into action! Digital decisioning means visualizing and automating decision-making processes. Workflow-based applications include humans into case-by-case decisions.

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Business Rules

Business rules are the low-code response to coding and hard-wired business logic. Graphical software lets business users intuitively implement business rules and make changes at any time.

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Agile Platform for Business and IT

Faster Time to Market

ACTICO Platform helps decouple business cycles from IT cycles and coordinate business/IT alignment to keep pace with the speed of your business. The result: fast ramp-ups and continuous adaptability.

Seamless Integration

ACTICO Platform offers seamless integration into existing IT environments. Whether legacy system or microservice architecture – ACTICO Platform is the central hub that provides all applications with the required intelligence.

Robust Technology

ACTICO Platform shows its strengths in business-critical scenarios that require a robust technology. The integrated components are developed holistically in order to meet the most stringent requirements for stability and availability.

Success Stories

Discover some of our success stories and find out, how customers use ACTICO Platform.

Multi-Channel Pricing System at ASSU 2000 Insurance

Display pricing models in all sales channels, strengthen competitive position, and accelerate time to market.

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Digital Customer Communication in Real Time

ING Germany focuses on digital customer communication in real time. The largest direct bank in Europe relies on ACTICO Platform to support its business users and meet its demanding performance requirements.

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Smarter Credit Decisions Within Seconds

At TeamBank, long waits for credit decisions are a thing of the past. With easyCredit, the bank relies on automated credit scoring and ratings, which can be changed in no time at all with ACTICO Platform.

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Use Cases

Business Applications

ACTICO Platform is used by companies around the globe to implement all kinds of business applications.

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