Decision Modeling

Gain higher transparency by graphically modeling decisions and their requirements.

Smarter decisions in the digital world

Transparency Through Decision Modeling

ACTICO Platform allows business and technical users to clearly and comprehensibly model operational decisions. They create decision requirement diagrams to gain higher transparency over business decision making. After that, they implement decision logic in the form of decision tables or flow rules. This way, companies build the basis for decision automation.

Introducing a systematic approach

Intuitive and systematic decision modeling with DMN

Modeling Decisions & Requirements

Business analysts and professionals use ACTICO Modeler as a power tool to easily and holistically model decisions – even if they are highly complex. The DMN industry standard (Decision Model and Notation) helps connect business strategies with their implementation, and thus, business and IT users.

  • Intuitive authoring of transparent, executable decision models

  • Support for the OMG® DMN standard on highest conformance level 3

  • Easily understandable for business and technical users

Collaborative Platform & Model Sharing

Business and IT departments use ACTICO Team Server as a collaborative platform to share and optimize their decision models. Companies improve business-IT alignment and ensure a common understand of decisions across all stakeholders.

  • Better collaboration through shared model repository

  • High security through role- and permission-based access control

  • Versioning and audit-proof traceability of changes

The ACTICO Team Server view supports collaborative modeling

Key Features

Graphical Decision Modeling

The unique graphical approach for decision modeling offers a high ease of use for business and IT users. They create transparent models of decisions, information, participants and dependencies. With a click of a button, they create comprehensible documentations. ACTICO Platform fully supports DMN 1.1.

Central Model Storage

ACTICO Team Server is a powerful environment for collaborative, centralized model storage. It is used by business and IT users to share and store all versions of their decision models. The central model storage is also the interface to the decision execution components.

Governance Support

Proven governance features provide security and control even in highly complex use cases. Reusability, audit-proof versioning, change management and test-based quality assurance are just some of the governance core concepts.

"ACTICO Platform allows us to quickly and flexibly model decisions without programming skills."
David Leong, Director Wealth Management, UBS Hong Kong


Higher Transparency

The graphical decision models help companies gain higher transparency over operational decisions even in complex scenarios. Random decision making is replaced by a systematic, standardized approach which brings clarity and consistency into the organization.

Improved Collaboration

Graphical modeling and centralized model storage significantly improve collaboration. The standardized models ensure a common understanding between business and IT stakeholders and reduce coordination loops.

Higher Quality

Systematic, transparent modeling ensures a higher decision quality. By improving the quality of decisions, companies leverage potentials for profitability improvement and risk mitigation.

Decision Management with ACTICO Platform

Create and share graphical decision models

Decision Modeling

Create and share graphical decision models

Decision Automation

Automate decisions across all systems and channels

Interactive Decisions

Implement highly flexible, interactive applications

Decision Analytics

Analyze and optimize your operational decisions