The ROI of Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS)

Does an investment in a business rules management system pay off? Learn more in our fact sheet.

Benefits & costs of a business rules management system

Software developers in companies certainly understand a great deal about code and know how to write software elegantly. They are however rarely experts on the subject of business rules. This is an area that requires the company‘s experts who in turn have difficulty in envisioning how these rules can be integrated into the software. Business rules management systems (BRMS) act as intermediaries between the two camps.

The increasing interest in decision management leads to BRMS becoming more and more important. The demand is growing for companies to implement strategy changes faster and faster by adapting their business rules in IT systems, in order to be able to respond, at any time, to changes in the markets and the individual requirements of customers. Often, however, prompt changes to the business rules fail due to the excessive length of the release cycles in the development of software applications.

Companies benefit from business rules management systems (BRMS) in many ways and the benefits are often difficult to quantify. However, investments in these intermediaries between business and IT have to pay off. Our study gives you a brief overview of the costs and benefits of a BRMS.

BRMS: Calculating the return on investment (ROI)

The introduction of a BRMS always amounts to an investment decision that must be justified by a positive return on investment (ROI). This metric has to take into account the benefits and the expenses incurred during product introduction, i.e. the total cost of ownership (TCO). Our study reveals what companies should consider when they want to calculate the ROI of a BRMS. Download the fact sheet to learn more about:

Quantitative and qualitative aspects of a BRMS investment

Factors that influence the return on investment (ROI)

Example for calculating the ROI

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