Streamline Complex Credit Origination Workflows

Changing and tightening regulatory restrictions, low interest rates and emerging non-traditional players all changes banks, and hinder them to increase their credit portfolios. These evolving market conditions have heightened the importance to strategically address digitalization.

Digitalization of lending processes enables sustainable growth to credit portfolios and increase the return on capital. ACTICO offers a solution that can deliver decision support through the entire credit life-cycle. Lenders are able to lower their operating costs by automating risk assessment and credit decision processes and offer more compliant and transparent loans.

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Automate Credit Risk Assessment and Financial Spreading Analysis

The Core – Credit Risk Management Platform

A flexible and scalable software platform enabling credit risk analysis, automation of lending and decision-making processes as well as continuous risk monitoring. In addition to implementing complex strategies and workflows to automate credit application review and risk monitoring, models for risk assessment and monitoring can be sustainably optimized by simulating and analyzing changes.

  • Recording and analysis of annual financial statements
  • Mapping and execution of internal rating and scoring procedures
  • Auditability through complete information and process transparency

Credit Risk Management Platform

Credit Application Workflow

Automate and manage the entire life cycle of credit applications. Credit workflows can be fully automated and involve highly complex, role-based, multi-stage approval processes.

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Credit Risk Rating and Financial Spreading

Capture, spread and analyze financial statements and implement bank-internal rating models in any number and level of complexity in one single platform.

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Simulation and Stress Tests

Simulate rating models against historic credit data and analyze the impact of stress scenarios on credit risks.

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Graphical Rules Editor

Business users can easily create and configure rating models and decision rules without doing any coding.

Operational Efficiencies

Improve operational efficiencies by eliminating manual processes and reconciliations.

Full Compliance

Make fully auditable credit decisions and be compliant with regulatory requirements.

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