Export regulation for fast, reliable verification of export transactions

Export regulation

Competitive Advantage Through Quick Adjustments


Significant demands are placed on export companies, such as checks against export lists, national regulations, final destination countries, black lists, etc. The number of inspection procedures results in high personnel costs for export companies and logistics service providers.


Export regulations are visually mapped within ACTICO Rules. These rules are used to automatically validate data and verify work processes.


Flexible pricing engines ensure that prices are both appealing to the customer and profitable for the organization. Graphical models give more control to pricing specialists. They can flexibly adjust prices to remain competitive at all times.


Tailor-Made Pricing for Digital Businesses

Automated, cost-efficient verification for standard tasks

Subline possible

Experts free to concentrate on problem cases


Quality and efficiency in standard processes is maintained

Independence from IT

Experts are able to modify rules models without the need for IT specialists in the event of any changes to export regulations.

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