Decision Management & Automation

Operational business decisions are high-volume transactions that are repeated many times a day. They have high potential for automation and exert a strong leverage effect on efficiency. ACTICO Platform 9 enables companies to implement agile services and applications to automate decisions or improve human decision-making.
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The New Technology for Intelligent Decision Automation

ACTICO Platform 9

Ease of Use

ACTICO Platform 9 offers high ease of use and gives more power to your business. The graphical development approach enables users to swiftly build, implement and adapt intelligent applications and services without coding. Data scientists use ACTICO Machine Learning to train and validate ML models.

More Agility

ACTICO Platform 9 consists of seamlessly-aligned components that support business domain experts, data scientists and IT professionals throughout the entire digital decisioning life cycle. Quickly ramp up new applications and services and implement all kinds of changes – with little or no need for IT support and without waiting for the next IT release.

More Performance

ACTICO Platform 9 meets even highly demanding performance requirements. The runtime components can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of IT architectures – whether legacy system, microservice architecture or cloud environment. Let yourself be surprised by the impressive performance.

ACTICO Platform 9 is a powerful software for intelligent automation and digital decisioning. It combines human knowledge and artificial intelligence with automation technology.
The unified low-code platform makes it easy to rapidly implement applications and services and adapt quickly in order to improve market responsiveness.

ACTICO Platform 9 Datasheet

Powerful digital decisoning

Machine learning and business rules for real-time intelligent automated decisions

Business Experts

Improve the quality and value of operational decisions and increase agility and accelerate time to market.

Data Scientist

Integrate realtime analytics into business operations and implement continuous intelligence.

IT Department

Digitalize day-to-day decision-making in real-time and reduce costs by using a unified platform.

RPA Report

Burning the RPA Bandwagon

  • Why automating low value tasks
    with RPA isn’t clever
  • Long-term hyperautomation drives
    competitive advantage
  • DMS: Why not automate high value decisions

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