The Path to an Independent ESG score

The topic of sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the financial community. More and more customers want to invest in sustainable financial products and rely on ESG scoring to assess the investment risk of such assets. The ESG score combines sustainability factors relating to environmental (E) and social (S) aspects, as well as to decent corporate governance (G), in order to measure the sustainability efforts of a company. All major financial service providers and rating agencies have ESG scores in their portfolios. However, the weightings and strategies of the individual providers differ and sometimes lead to questionable results. Due to this reason, an in-house ESG score with transparent comprehensible rules can be a real advantage for banks, fund operators, asset managers and investment consultants.

Read the whitepaper and follow the path to an independent ESG score:

  • ESG as an investment strategy 
  • Methodological shortcomings in scoring 
  • ACTICO Platform capabilitites

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