Virtual AI Conference | Switzerland | 22nd June

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AI Has a Key Role in Driving the New Normal

The current fourth industrial revolution is driven by an exponential growth in computing power and by the availability of substantial amounts of data. In today’s challenging economy, while meeting the demand both for quality and quantity, automatization supports efficiency, profitability and sustainable growth. Although automation, accelerated by AI, has the power to put organizations into a competitive position, most companies and industries are still at the beginning of their journey. Those organizations that exploit AI & Machine Learning to improve or even reinvent processes, this powerful technology will very soon become the new norm.

Event takeaways of this virtual conference

Through interviews, keynotes, practical use cases, and in-depth discussion, the development and challenges of AI adoption were looked at from various industry perspectives. Participants gained insight into how some organizations have already implemented AI into their processes, and how that contributes to their success and business continuity during these challenging times.

AI driven security operations – Success story or fairy tale?

Fraudmanagement with Operational Intelligence (OI) and Machine Learning.

PostFinance AG is one of the big players in the Swiss financial sector with over 1.4 Mio E-Banking customers. Being attractive not only for customers but for fraudsters as well, fraud management is a key domain within Customer Security. The question is: How can machine learning support operational fraud management, security decision making and customer protection in an efficient way.

In this interesting presentation, PostFinance together with Actico provided insights into how innovative fraud management can be implemented with the help of operational intelligence (OI) and machine learning. PostFinance is one of Switzerland’s leading financial institutions. More than 3 million customers view this financial institute as a reliable partner for private and business customers wishing to manage their finances.

Fraud has been a major issue within financial service institutions for decades. The security company McAfee estimates the cost of cybercrime at $600 billion globally. But monetary loss due to fraudsters is just one side of the coin. It also affects sincere people: Imagine being on vacation, unable to withdraw any money, because your credit card has been blocked due to a false fraud warning. This results in poor customer satisfaction and dozens of fraud warnings, that need manual clarification. Therefore, PostFinance has reached out to Actico to reduce the number of false fraud warnings, using Acticos unique platform that combines Business Rules and Machine Learning. PostFinance wants to improve customer satisfaction and reduce false fraud warnings.