Actico Compliance Event 2020 (online)

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Business and IT experts meet here

This year’s Actico compliance conference focused on issues relating to business and technology. The online event used practical examples to illustrate current pressures on banks and insurance companies and provides an insight into agile software projects at KfW.

These were the speakers and the agenda (Conference language: German):

Miranda Accorsini
Team leader IT product management compliance, KfW

Customer presentation: An agile team for software projects in compliance. KfW reported on lessons learned and benefits.

Thomas Knöpfler, Co-founder, General Manager and CSO of Actico

Thomas Knöpfler
Co-Founder, General Manager, CSO Actico

What’s new?
What issues are currently being faced by compliance teams? Learn more about what’s going on in the world of Actico.

Mirza Kusturica & Lukas Rohmann

Guest presentation: Regulatory developments regarding the prevention of money laundering in Germany and the EU, experiences from effectiveness tests and an insight into the use of special forensic investigations.

Thomas Ohlemacher
Product Manager Actico

Compliance Roadmap: Payment Screening with Machine Learning. Learn more about effectiveness and efficiency tests. One example of this is payment screening using Name Matching Transaction (NMT) with Machine Learning.