Underwriting & Claims

Digitize insurance processes with rules-based software technology

Software for Underwriting & Claims Management
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Business rules technology for automating insurance processes with high flexibility
Automate insurance processes with high flexibility
Insurers are under pressure to make reliable decisions even when making adjustments to meet short-term requirements. With ACTICO Rules, insurance companies automate their decision-making and audit processes in a highly flexible way.
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Software for manual & automatic evaluation of claims
ACTICO Platform
Process claims interactively
With ACTICO Platform insurers can optimize their semi-automated underwriting and claims processes and achieve flexibility, efficiency and full traceablility. Using ACTICO Platform, insurance companies evaluate incoming claims automatically and review exceptional cases manually with system support.
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Underwriting & claims
Automate Your Insurance Processes

We help insurance providers automate the processing of applications and service settlements. Therefore, they are able to reduce processing times, lessen costs and improve efficiency all while making reliable and high quality decisions.