Underwriting & Claims

Check applications, assess risks and process claims with rules management

Underwriting & Claims
Individuality & Flexibility in Performance processes

We help insurance providers automate the processing of applications and service settlements. Therefore, they are able to reduce processing times, lessen costs and improve efficiency all while making reliable and high quality decisions. When processing claims, they make consistent decisions by implementing business rules that are modeled and maintained graphically. They thus achieve a high level of automation and add agility and flexibility to their business processes.

Reduce costs

By reducing manual hand-offs and errors, processing costs can be reduced in Underwriting and Claims Management.

Increase reaction speed

Through the automation and the graphical modelling, business users can adapt the decision rules at all time.

Improve customer satisfaction

Shorter reaction times and a higher degree of automations enable the insurer to respond individuell customer applications faster.

Individuality & flexibility in performance processes

Automation through BRM

Business rules are at the center of automation for underwriting and claims management. These rules define the specifications of tariffs and the business policies. Our intuitive approach to business rules management allows insurers to graphically model rules and decisions, and test all incoming electronic or scanned cases. With executable business rules, you achieve a higher degree of automation – many cases do not need to be edited manually and automation helps subject matter experts focus on exceptional cases that cannot be processed automatically.

Application Processes

Depending on the application process, an insurer is more or less required to create many different documents. Using a data-driven control module, insurers forgo the time-consuming process of collecting data in paper form, which reduces process management costs, the number of manual hand-offs as well as errors. With ACTICO software, fields cannot be left blank and hand-written sections cannot be misunderstood. Therefore, paperwork and archiving, as well as the cost of manual rework, can be eliminated.

Consistent & 
Standardized Decisions

Our underwriting and claims management software depicts testing and decision logic of all processes (automatic and manual) in control models. These rule models are easy-to-read and can be easily adjusted, if necessary. Subject matter experts, who have the know-how to examine the respective operations, can create and customize these rules with our business rules management system, ACTICO Rules

Software for Underwriting & Claims Management
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Automate insurance processes with high flexibility
Insurers are under pressure to make reliable decisions even when making adjustments to meet short-term requirements. With ACTICO Rules, insurance companies automate their decision-making and audit processes in a highly flexible way.
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ACTICO Platform
ACTICO Platform
Efficient and flexible insurance processes
ACTICO Platform is a highly flexible software technology for automating and optimizing operational decisions. Insurance companies use our Decision Management Suite to digitize their decision-centric business processes such as claims management, underwriting, fraud detection and many more. With ACTICO Platform, they can achieve maximum efficiency and agility.
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Software for Intelligent Decision Automation
ACTICO Machine Learning for insurance companies
Methods for better risk decisions

Insurance companies can use their clients’ data to automatically create risk models for underwriting and claims management. Machine learning provides methods that make better risk decisions and complement rule-based models.