Retail Lending

Automate credit scoring and decisioning strategies in retail lending.

Faster and more efficient retail lending approval process

Tightening regulations and a highly commoditized and competitive market for retail lending and leasing place immense pressure on lenders to secure profit margins. In addition, while origination processes once took weeks or months, today’s lenders must meet the demands of clients that are used to real-time responses. 

ACTICO’s solutions allow to responsibly advance loan origination processes more quickly and efficiently, while factoring in regulatory restrictions and risk. Customers win through timely credit decisions. Lenders benefit from a high level of flexibly by rapidly changing credit scoring models and policy rules whenever required.



Leverage a world-class fully-graphical business rules management system to quickly and easily create, change and business rules.


Auditable & Compliant

Ensure full auditability when making credit decisions and fulfill ever changing regulatory requirements. 

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate with internal (e.g. front-ends) and external data source (e.g. credit bureaus). 

case study
Leading Retail-Bank automates decisions for loan origination

The financial institution is a leading provider of installment loans in Germany. The bank made the decision in favor of ACTICO Rules in order to implement and fully automate the loan origination process.

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