3 Reasons why Financial and Insurance Companies Implement Decision Management

Watch the video and learn from the leading Decision Management advocate James Taylor.

3 Reasons for Decision Management

Decision Management allows financial and insurance companies to increase transparency and traceability, apply knowledge gained through analytics, and improve customer engagement.

ACTICO Platform is a highly flexible software technology for automating and optimizing operational decisions. It supports companies across the entire decision management life cycle.

1. Transparency & Agility

Transparent decision-making processes provide both, clarity to internal stakeholders and traceable compliance to the regulator. Underlying decision models can be changed in a simple, effective and safe way, thus, increasing business agility.

2. Analytics & Optimization

Decision Management is an effective way to operationalize analytics. Knowledge gained through big data, analytics, machine learning and data mining can be applied to the day-to-day working environment.

3. Customer Engagement

Decision Management is the basis for truly digital customer interactions. Personalization, localization or targeting allow financial and insurance companies to give customers immediate, effective and accurate responses across all touch points.

Use Cases

Decision Management in the Financial and Insurance Industry

Banks and insurance companies use Decision Management to digitize their knowledge-intensive and decision-centric core processes. Whether rules-based process routing or automation of business-critical credit decisions – companies gain control over their highly complex business. Discover some of the use cases and applications that are realized with ACTICO Platform.

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