Cross-Border Banking

Offer financial products efficiently and in compliance with regulatory requirements (MiFID-II, PRIIP ...)

Efficient & traceable compliance with regulatory requirements

Initially, banks typically relied on training and voluminous documents (country manuals) to ensure compliance in cross-border banking. However, the multitude of possibilities and the rapid changes to both regulatory requirements and their own product portfolios hindered consistent and efficient compliance by these means. The following approach shows a way in which banks can reduce risks and expenditure:

Automating cross-border banking processes

Standardized Solution

The application of ACTICO's Cross-Border Suitability Workplace is a basic step: With this standard software, client advisors check the client constellation against the current set of digitized instructions for all relevant countries. The appropriate digital instructions (country manuals) can be obtained and adapted electronically.  Decisions taken by client advisors in customer-related business could be traced later. This reduced the risk for the client advisor and the bank.


On this basis, the bank can integrate automatic checking into all relevant processes. ACTICO's Central Cross-Border Suitability Engine provides urgently-needed services. Cross-border compliance is progressively and seamlessly integrated into an increasing number of processes until all relevant processes are covered. Every supported process reduces time expenditure for personnel and, with that, costs for the bank.

ACTICO Software for Cross-Border Banking
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Software to secure customer's investor protection
Cross-Border Suitability
Make decisions based on digital country manuals
New regulatory requirements for investor protection pose special challenges, in particular for banks with significant volumes of international business. ACTICO's Cross-Border Suitability Solution answers the question of whether you are allowed to offer a product or service to a given client – using IT-based decision-making and in an audit-proof way.
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Rule technology to meet suitability & MiFID requirements
Meet suitability & MiFID requirements
Customers rely on our business rules management system (BRMS), ACTICO Rules, to meet suitability and MiFID requirements. The unique graphical approach allows business professionals to update the underlying check and decision logic rapidly and flexibly.
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Make Consistent Decisions

Suitability, MiFID and cross-border banking represent a large number of rules and regulations that need to be considered when selling financial products and services. ACTICO Rules delivers results from rule-based analysis and handles the decision making.