Transaction Monitoring

Detect transaction patterns and prevent money laundering

Unusual Transactions
Analyze millions of financial transactions daily

Banks, insurance companies and financial service providers use our software and expertise to monitor transactions. With rules that they define with our ACTICO Rules technology, they are able to automate the decision-making process for risk-exposed financial transactions.

Detecting Money Laundering through Transaction Monitoring

With many years of experience and constant optimization, we offer our customers an intelligent, software-based solution for payment monitoring and analysis. The analysis determines which customer carried out a financial transaction, which countries were involved and what the customer's history showed. The detection of transaction patterns also plays a role – this feature does not just consider a single transaction, but identifies multiple, related payments.

Risk Analysis based on Know-Your-Transaction

Transactions are analyzed based on the risk classification from the Know Your Customer profile. In the simplest case, a transaction that exceeds a limit value is declared as unusual. Further analyses look at the countries involved or behavior compared to the peer group.

High Money Laundering Risk

The beginning of a new business relationship can mean high money laundering risk. This is why institutions precisely monitor all physical flows in a defined period after opening a business relationship. With ACTICO software, all activities related to anti-money laundering are traceable and audit-proof at all times.

Detect Transaction Patterns

Pass-through transactions or smurfing involve transactions that do not appear to be related at first glance. If inflows and outflows occur within a short period of time, this can be indicative of money laundering. Smurfing involves breaking down a high transaction volume into smaller denominations. This scenario may also be an attempt to launder money.

Our Software for Transaction Monitoring
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Software for monitoring transactions & discovering behavioral patterns
Money Laundering Detection System
Monitor transactions & discover behavioral patterns
Transaction monitoring is the central element of our Anti-Money Laundering Software MLDS. Transactions are cash or non-cash payments, but also include the delivery of precious metals and securities. Our underlying business rules technology, ACTICO Rules, analyzes via rules when a transaction is unusual.
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Intelligent software for the monitoring of transactions
ACTICO Machine Learning in the area of transaction monitoring
Detecting unusual financial transactions
Machine Learning improves monitoring of financial transactions and detects unusual patterns (anomalies). Machine Learning supplemented by rule-based monitoring provides the basis for deciding whether and why a transaction is suspicious.
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