Insider Trading & Market Abuse

Monitoring of financial transactions         

Software Against Insider Trading & Market Manipulation
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Software for monitoring of transactions
Market Abuse & Insider Dealing Detection
Monitor Transactions & Increase Safety
Our compliance module, MAID, monitors the transactions of all market participants (customers and employees) with the help of rules. When unusual transactions or stock market practices are discovered/identified, Compliance Officers receive messages advising them to clarify the matter.
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Software for Intelligent Decision Automation
ACTICO Machine Learning
Anti-market abuse and insider trading

Machine Learning is a powerful technology for detecting scenarios that indicate market abuse and insider trading. It analyzes complex patterns of abusive behavior in securities trading.

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Transaction analyses
Detect Insider Trading & Market Abuse Early on

ACTICO software supports banks, insurance companies and financial service providers in the process of automating decision making. Our compliance module MAID analyzes and evaluates compliance environment scenarios that point to insider trading or market manipulation. It delivers results that a Compliance Officer can specifically clarify.