Conflicts of Interest

Identify potential conflicts of interest between client advisors and manage them in time

Predicting Potential Conflicts

Defining Policies

Prepare for arising conflicts of interests

Every financial service provider must be prepared for arising conflicts when internal and third-party interests collide. Clear-cut conflict of interest management and defined policies help banks find solutions.

Our Software for Management of Conflicting Interests
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Software for discovering conflicts of interests
Management of Conflicting Interests
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Our compliance module, MCI, identifies potential conflicts of interest on the basis of modeled rules. Analyzed results are automatically transferred to the internal case processing and appear on the Compliance Officers work list requesting clarification. Measures taken are transparent and document creating an audit-proof trail.
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Rule-based analyses
Be Prepared to Handle Conflicts of Interests

We support banks, insurance companies and financial service providers in the process of automating decision making. To this end we implement software solutions and products for compliance, credit and risk management and relationship management. With our MCI software banks can determine potential conflicts of interest and advert related risks.