Anti-Money Laundering  

Prevent money laundering by identifying risks and taking compliance measures.

Software for Anti-Money Laundering
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Software for money laundering detection.
Money Laundering Detection System
Detect money laundering 
The risk-based software MLDS works with rules to detect money laundering at an early stage. MLDS includes a rule set that maps common money laundering scenarios. A Compliance Officer can add new or change existing rules at any time.  
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Rule technology for graphical modeling of anti-money laundering rules
Graphically model money laundering detection rules 
Our business rules technology, ACTICO Rules, is part of the MLDS software solution. Our technology allows you to make consistent, traceable decisions when analyzing individuals and transactions, and identify risks. Learn more about our market-leading business rules technology.
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Software for Intelligent Decision Automation
ACTICO Machine Learning for Anti-Money Laundering
Detecting money laundering scenarios

Artificial intelligence is able to analyze even highly complex relationships in data to detect money laundering. Machine learning helps minimize the amount of false positives, prioritize suspicious financial transactions and reduce the efforts for clarification. 

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Risk-based data Analysis
Sophisticated Clarification Workflows

We assist banks, insurance companies and financial service providers in automating their decision making. Our compliance software offers you a risk-based approach to analyzing customer data. It monitors millions of names and transactions and finds those cases that require special care and clarification. With tailored rules and sophisticated clarification workflows we support your commitment to anti-money laundering.