Client Management

Handle sensitive customer data securely – from onboarding to reporting

client management
Advance Digitization

We support banks, financial service providers and insurance companies with implementing Client Management. Our software uses the flexible business rules management system, ACTICO Rules, to serve our customers. With this data management approach, protection, processes, rules, integration, distribution and analysis play a fundamental role. On these concepts, we create sustainable solutions for compliance, onboarding and relationship management.

Use automated decisions to seize opportunities from digitalization

Digitalization means new chances when onboarding new customers. A prerequisite is that the risks of changing regulations are sustainably controlled with automated tests and secure data management software. A controlled relationship management system ensures proper maintenance of customer relationships – that is modern Client Management.

Protect Customer Data

An important component of our software is the management of highly sensitive customer data. These are stored as anonymous data but can still be evaluated. Peripheral systems are operated with selected data only so all provisions concerning the protection of data are respected, but the data can be further analyzed.

Communicate Effectively

Client Management enables the customer and customer service representative to communicate successfully. The consultant has an overview of the customer data and ratings so the customer always receives reliable information. This allows for fast and reliable communication throughout and beyond the entire onboarding process.

Digitalize Your Business Model

The approach "with the customer at the center and reliable compliance in the background" allows the digitalization of business. Client management means combining all aspects of customer service while continuing to observe all areas of compliance. This is the basis of launching digital business models.

Make Better Decisions & Increase Success

Automated tests and data review improve decisions. Assumptions are replaced by proven rules and therefore, compliance requirements and business objectives can be decided with certainty. Many validations and decisions can be fully automated and carried out against an entire profile at any time. Better decisions reduce risk and increase success.

Ensure Compliance & Traceability

Compliance is ensured through comprehensibly modeled rules for testing the requirements of all data and for each decision. Change history of the models and data make clarifications, workflows and all other parts of revisions understandable and audit-proof for internal and external stakeholders.

Gain Customers &
Maintain Relationships

Client advisors serve many customers and therefore, need to make sure their activities are targeted. All customer relationships must be well-observed and maintained. Client Management helps advisors use their time effectively, not overlook any customers and not miss any important customer-related tasks or events. A client advisor can effectively serve and keep more clients this way.

Our Software for Client Management
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Rule technology to model the client management graphically
Graphically model your client management logic
A good technology is the foundation of a successful client management solution. Thanks to our solid, mature and tried-and-tested business rules technology, ACTICO Rules, companies can model and implement business requirements intuitively, flexibly and rapidly.

Current topics

Multi Channel Integration

Mastering Digitalization

Multi channel integration

Bank customers are able to chat directly with their advisor via mobile devices and the advisor can access their data securely while on the road. We support the trend of digitalization and multi-channel portals with our client management.

Client Data Management

Managing Sensitive Data

Save sensitive data according to the law

Our software treats sensitive data according to the law: the data is restrained to a single system, while other systems are run anonymously. In addition, data analysis and processing options are provided even on subsidiaries and branches – this is the basis for modern data management.