Client Management

Handle sensitive customer data securely – from onboarding to reporting

Multi Channel Integration

Mastering Digitalization

Multi channel integration

Bank customers are able to chat directly with their advisor via mobile devices and the advisor can access their data securely while on the road. We support the trend of digitalization and multi-channel portals with our client management.

Client Data Management

Managing Sensitive Data

Save sensitive data according to the law

Our software treats sensitive data according to the law: the data is restrained to a single system, while other systems are run anonymously. In addition, data analysis and processing options are provided even on subsidiaries and branches – this is the basis for modern data management.

Our Software for Client Management
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Rule technology to model the client management graphically
Graphically model your client management logic
A good technology is the foundation of a successful client management solution. Thanks to our solid, mature and tried-and-tested business rules technology, ACTICO Rules, companies can model and implement business requirements intuitively, flexibly and rapidly.
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Advance Digitization

We support banks, financial service providers and insurance companies with implementing Client Management. Our software uses the flexible business rules management system, ACTICO Rules, to serve our customers. With this data management approach, protection, processes, rules, integration, distribution and analysis play a fundamental role. On these concepts, we create sustainable solutions for compliance, onboarding and relationship management.