Business Rules Management

Increase productivity and efficiency by managing and automating business rules

Software for Business Rules Management
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Regelbasierte Entscheidungen automatisiert treffen
Increase business agility and improve efficiency
With ACTICO Rules, companies manage and automate rules-based business logic. Business professionals benefit from the intuitive graphical approach and maintain business logic independent from IT release cycles. Discover our market-leading business rules management system now!
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Software for Intelligent Decision Automation
ACTICO Machine Learning
Enrich your business rules with artificial intelligence

ACTICO Machine Learning ist eine integrierte Plattform für Intelligent Decision Automation. Sie bietet ein abgestimmtes Toolset für die Modellierung, Verwaltung und Automatisierung operativer Entscheidungen und die einfache Nutzung von Machine-Learning-Technologie.

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Business Rules Management
Intuitive modeling, traceable execution

ACTICO offers companies an intuitive approach to implementing Business Rules Management. ACTICO Rules, ACTICO's business rules management software, provides comprehensive support throughout the entire BRM life cycle: Business and IT users team up to model and simulate business rules graphically, organize and recycle their rules and execute them in various scenarios.