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Software zur Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen

ACTICO Platform
Digitalize business processes

Companies use ACTICO Platform to digitize their business and decision-making processes. They create highly flexible, interactive applications in no time and raise productivity and efficiency within their business processes significantly.

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Automating decision-making processes
Automate decision-making processes

Mit ACTICO Rules automatisieren Unternehmen ihre Entscheidungsprozesse. Fachbereiche pflegen die zugrundeliegende Logik selbständig und setzen Änderungen mit Hilfe grafischer Tools im Handumdrehen um. Erfahren Sie, warum die Finanzindustrie weltweit auf ACTICO Rules vertraut!

Process Digitization with ACTICO
Holistic Business Process Management

Business Process Management with ACTICO is agile, simple, and integrated. Agility means that business processes can be adapted quickly to changing conditions and requirements. This requires an easy and efficient collaboration of IT and business departments. ACTICO's model-based technology is easy to learn for all kinds of users. It integrates all aspects of business process management in a unique way.