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From business users with no technical background to IT professionals with focus on implementation – our trainings are aimed at all users who want to pick up the skills and expertise to realize successful business and IT projects. Our modular training program allows for a continuous and demand-oriented knowledge development.

Besides our official training program we offer individual training packages that are tailored to your needs.

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ACTICO Platform – Rules Training

May 21 - 23, 2019
Immenstaad am Bodensee, Germany


ACTICO Platform – Rules Training

October 15 - 17, 2019
Immenstaad am Bodensee, Germany


Do you have any questions, preferred dates or specific demands? We will find a solution – just contact us!

ACTICO Trainings & Workshops

ACTICO Platform – Administration Workshop


In 1 to 2 days the workshop attendees learn how to install the ACTICO Platform components the customer wants to implement. Attendees learn how to interact with the components and how to administer them.

Target audience:

IT administrators and IT architects and tech leads.


Knowledge in installing and administrating applications within IT architectures.

ACTICO Platform Rules Training


In 2 ½ days, our hands-on-training prepares attendees for their participation in BRM projects. Attendees learn how to model, test and maintain business logic from scratch and how to collaborate within rule projects.


  • Introduction to ACTICO Modeler  Rules
  • Modeling business rules and decision tables independently with ACTICO Modeler
  • Creating data types and structures, rule expressions, actions and services
  • Using and processing data from a database
  • Testing, analyzing and creating rule model documentations
  • Error handling
  • Organizing rule projects and collaborating within teams

Target audience:

Business users who create and test business rules with ACTICO Modeler.



Certificate: Certified ACTICO Platform Rules Modeler


The certification assures the attendee's qualification with regards to modeling business logic with ACTICO Modeler Rules.


Attendees have to complete theoretical and practical exercises within 4 hours.

Target audience:

Attendees of our ACTICO Platform – Rules Training.


  • Completed ACTICO Rules – Modeling Training

ACTICO Platform Technical Enhancements


The 1 day hands-on-training sets its focus on the technical enhancements of ACTICO Modeler. Lessons involve database integrations, using customer-specific functions, actions and services as well as customizing generated Java code.


  • Introduction to the ACTICO Modeler components
  • Definition of configurations for rule models
  • Integrating databases
  • Customizing generated Java code
  • Integrating rule models with customer applications
  • Using customer-specific functions, actions and services
  • Replacing rule models dynamically

Target audience:

IT users who deal with integrating ACTICO Platform and rule models within their IT environment.


Basic knowledge of databases, SQL and Java.

ACTICO Platform – Workplace Training


Our 2-day hands-on training provides you with the best possible support in integrating your BRM projects into ACTICO Workplace. The focus is on modeling web-based user interfaces and workflows using the ACTICO Modeler.


  • Introduction to ACTICO Workplace
  • Creating a first user interface
  • Introduction to basic layout elements
  • Modeling of multilingual user interfaces
  • Implementing messages to support user interaction
  • Communication between rule model and web application
  • Consolidation of further layout elements
  • Creation of reports and print templates with BIRT

Target audience:

Business and IT users who create layouts and forms using ACTICO Workplace.


Prior knowledge of rule modeling with ACTICO Modeler is required. The training is based on our ACTICO Platform – Rules Training.

ACTICO Platform – Workplace Advanced Training


The 1-day hands-on training uses the knowledge gained from the ACTICO Platform – Workplace Training and provides the modeling of the technical models with ACTICO Workplace. The focus lies on the modeling of process, search and configuration models in the ACTICO Modeler together with ACTICO Workplace.   


  • Introduction and deepening to ACTICO Workplace model types
  • Modeling of search and process models
  • Creating of configuration models

Target audience:

IT and business users with technical affinity who want to implement more complex, more technical Workplace models. 


Previous knowledge in rule modeling with ACTICO Modeler in connection with ACTICO Workplace is required. The training is based on the ACTICO Platform  Workplace Training

ACTICO Trainings: How attendees benefit


With our hands-on-training concept attendees benefit from a steep learning curve. They are put in the position to implement their knowledge autonomously and drive results quickly.


"MarkOne employees could model independently upon completion of the training and the first implementation of ACTICO Rules was accomplished within three weeks."

- Success Story MarkOne Financial

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Learn From The Best

Our trainers have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Many years of working on customer projects and constant skills development ensure that attendees learn from the best.


"That’s where ACTICO proves its value! It is a partner whose experience supplies the necessary expertise in consulting and implementation."

- Petra Kreis, VP Bank in Liechtenstein

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Trainings should provide value. On request, we customize all trainings to meet the specific needs of our attendees. You want to emphasize business or technical aspects? Just get in touch with us.


"Besides providing the technology, ACTICO also transferred adequate knowledge to empower us for making amendments in the application, based on user needs."

- Leonardi Widjaja, Maybank

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Professional Services
Tailored Services for Your Success

ACTICO Professional Services offers tailored services to ensure customer success. This includes consulting services with regards to analyzing and meeting customer-specific needs, support with implementation and coaching our customers on how to integrate ACTICO technologies with specific IT architectures. Furthermore, ACTICO Professional Services offers trainings and workshops that can be customized to individual customer needs.