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Credit Risk Management

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Impact of Capital Rules

This webinar provides an overview of the IRB approach and current market trends and look ahead to new regulations and what they will demand of risk rating platform.

financial spreading on-demand webinar

Financial Statement Analysis

Financial institutions have to analyze and verify financial statements of corporate clients for lending, to gain a robust basis of information for the following ratings.

Loan Origination

Live Modeling Series No. 1

Live Modeling Series 

This 45 min on-demand webinar will show you how to model, test, simulate, and deploy business rule models that automate credit decisions in consumer lending.

Decision Management & Business Rules Management

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Automating Decision Rules at MarkOne Financial

Watch the presentation excerpts from BBC 2015 conference to see how MarkOne Financial automated credit decisions with ACTICO Rules.

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Modeling and Testing Business Rules with ACTICO Rules

Watch this screencast to see, how you can model and test business rules with our intuitive technology ACTICO Rules.

3 Reasons for Decision Management in the Financial Industry

3 Reasons for Decision Management in the Financial Industry

In this video, James Taylor explains why banks and insurance companies implement Decision Management.

Effectively enforcing compliance and risk management needs with DMN

Effectively enforcing Compliance and Risk Management Needs with DMN

Decision Management expert James Taylor explains how decision modeling with DMN helps effectively enforcing compliance and risk management needs.

3-parts video series on DMN decision modeling

DMN Decision Modeling - Video Tutorial

Watch the video series and learn everything you need to know about Decision Model and Notation (DMN).