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Credit Risk Management

Credit Risk Rating Platform - download brochure

Brochure: Credit Risk Management Platform

Automated risk assessment and credit origination on a flexible and scalable software platform

Financial Spreading Module - download brochure

Brochure: Credit Risk Rating Module

Software module for the implementation and execution of internal rating models

Impact of Capital Rules on Risk Rating Systems - download white paper

Brochure: Financial Spreading Module

Software module for capturing and analysis of financial statements

Impact of Capital Rules on Risk Rating Systems - Whitepaper herunterladen

White Paper: Capital Rules in Risk Rating Systems

Overview and key considerations on the evolving U.S. banking regulatory landscape

Loan Origination

Credit Decision Platform - download brochure

Brochure: Credit Decision Platform

Flexible decision making and consistent processes with a scalable software solution


Compliance Suite Overview - download brochure

Brochure: Compliance Suite Software

Compliance software to minimize risks of persons and financial transactions

MLDS: Overview - download brochure

Brochure: Money Laundering Detection System

Performance overview of MLDS, the software for the prevention of money laundering

MLDS: Know Your Customer - download brochure

Brochure: Know Your Customer (MLDS)

Compliance software for ensuring Customer Due Diligence in Banking

MLDS: Know Your Transaction - download brochure

Brochure: Know Your Transaction (MLDS)

Compliance software for assessing risks of financial transactions successfully

MLDS: Risk Classification - download brochure

Brochure: Risk Classification (MLDS)

Compliance software for assessing risks of customers and financial transactions

MAID: Market Abuse - download brochure

Brochure: Market Abuse & Insider Dealing

MAID, the compliance software for detecting unusual trading patterns

MAID: Employee Transactions - download brochure

Brochure: Monitoring Employee Transaction (MAID)

Software for the detection of insider trading by monitoring employee transactions

Management of Conflicting Interests - download brochure

Brochure: Management of Conflicting Interests

MCI, the software to identify real or potential conflicting interests confidently

NMC: Name Matching Customer - Download brochure

Brochure: Name Matching Customer 

NMC, the software for matching the customer base against sanctions lists and PEP lists

NMT: Name Matching Transaction - Broschüre herunterladen

Brochure: Name Matching Transaction

NMT, the software for payment monitoring and matching with relevant checklists

White Paper Fourth EU Money-Laundering Regulation

White Paper: 4th EU Money Laundering Directive

Summary of the 4th EU Money Laundering Directive and Funds Transfer Regulation

White Paper Market Abuse and Insider Dealing

White Paper: Market Abuse Prevention

Implementing the Market Abuse Regulation and Market Abuse Directive

White Paper Cross-Border-Banking

White Paper: Cross-Border Banking

IT-assisted measures for handling regulatory requirements in cross-border banking

Client Management

Successful client management in private banking - download white paper

White Paper: Client Management in Banking

Successful Client Management in an environment with many challenges

Business Rules Management & Decision Management

ACTICO Rules product brochure

Brochure: ACTICO Rules Software

Accelerate innovation cycles, increase business agility and minimize risks

BRMS - An Investment With Rapid Returns

White Paper: Return on Investment of BRMS

Study: Business Rules Management Systems – An investment with rapid returns

White Paper: Business agility through central decision services

White Paper: Agility through Central Decisions

Business Agility through Central Decision Services in a service-oriented architecture