Name Matching Customer NMC

Analyze business relationships, identify persons of risk and politically exposed persons (PEPs) 

Name Matching Customer NMC

Matching the customer data base against sanctions lists

Name Matching Customer (NMC) checks the bank's customer database against sanction lists. Name similarities, aliases and other spellings of the name, birth date and additional data such as nationality or domicile of the person are compared with PEP and sanctions lists.

These functionalities allow:

  • Integration into the onboarding process

  • Regular comparison with inventory data

  • Assignment of risk levels and category tags

Screenshot showing ACTICO's Name Matching Customer Software

KEy Features

Regular Customer Scans

NMC scans your customer base regularly against all black lists – even large customer bases can be scanned frequently.

Blacklist Checks

Name Matching Customer allows you to use the individual check to scan the blacklists for just one person.

Integrated Checks

Checking one individual can be integrated into other applications such as during the client on-boarding process.

Visual Comparison

Whether vague hits against potential terrorists or clear hits against politically exposed persons (PEP) – found matches are compared visually for clarification.

Detailled Configuration

The results can be defined via fine-grained hit configuration. Both the degree of similarity as well as the hit category will be considered.

Internal Check Lists

Name Matching Customer checks existing personal data against one or more checklists and manages its own local and global checklists, if needed.

Extensive List Support

Besides integrating one or more customer data bases, NMC supports many public lists and almost all commercially provided blacklists.

Efficient Clarification

Clarification happens in a team and flexible workflows allow for efficient clarification following the four-eye principle.

Fuzzy Matching

A fuzzy matching algorithm identifies matches in case the spelling was slightly altered – such as misspellings and international names.


False-Positives Minimized

The matching algorithm can be optimized using the detailed configuration. This helps to minimize false-positives.

Rapid Clarifications

The visual display of the match facilitates traceability and allows for an easy and fast clarification.

Reduced Efforts

Checks against sanction lists are automated as far as possible. Manual interventions are reduced and users are better supported.

Highest Discretion

All customer data is analyzed in-house and does not leave the institute at any point. Thus, NMC allows for the greatest possible discretion.


All hits and investigations are documented audit-proof. Therefore, all measures that were taken can be demonstrated at all times.

Seamless Integration

NMC seamlessly integrates with other modules of our Compliance Suite. This enables a smooth expansion of your application scenarios.

Identify Persons of Risk

Companies use our software and expertise in compliance to match their client base against sanction lists. Sophisticated comparison algorithms evaluate the similarity of customer names and entries on black lists. Our software helps companies to decide swiftly and reliably about client hits against sanctions list entries.