Market Abuse & Insider Dealing Detection MAID

Detect market abuse and insider trading.

Market Abuse and Insider Dealing Detection MAID

Monitoring Stock Broking and Employee Trading 

The Market Abuse and Insider Dealing Detection (MAID) software module monitors legal requirements and corporate rules in securities trading. 

MAID recognizes unwanted stock market trading:

  • Market manipulation, such as wash trades, matched orders or snake trading

  • Insider trading such as front and parallel running

  • Abusive employee transactions

  • Violations of trade restrictions

  • Abusive stock market practices, such as churning and parking

ACTICO's Market Abuse and Insider Dealing Detection Software


Transaction Recording

In addition to customer transactions, proprietary transactions of the bank and its employee transactions are monitored. Even transactions at foreign institutes can be recorded.

Rule-Based Monitoring

Transparent rules that are deposit in the system control the monitoring. Compliance Officers can redefine and customize rules to be current and follow internal guidelines.

Customizable Scenarios

MAID delivers a set of scenarios that can be individually customized. In addition, the bank can customize scenarios of received transactions that must be clarified.

Electronic Workflows

Electronic workflows facilitate clarification. For each hit an electronic form for evaluation and documentation is automatically generated. 

Individual Reporting

Besides standardized analysis MAID offers versatile options to make unique assessments of trades and holdings.

Audit Safety

All investigations are fully documented. Test patterns used are traceable for revisions since they are modeled as graphical business rules.



In addition to your internal requirements, regulatory requirements are met: MAD II
(2014/57 EU), MAR (596/2014) and the FINMA circular 2013/8.

Reduced Efforts

Complex tests are automated and done without manual intervention. This not only improves the quality of the results but also relieves your staff of routine manual tasks.

Optimized Test Scenarios

Graphically modeled test scenarios and configurable studies allow individual adjustments and therefore improve monitoring.

Flexible Customization

Rules for monitoring are modeled graphically and can be easily traced and changed independently by compliance officers.

Powerful Surveillance

High volumes of financial transactions are monitored safely and consistently with this powerful software.

Seamless Integration

MAID can be used as a standalone module or seamlessly integrated into our Money Laundering Detection System (MLDS).

Detect Unacceptable Trading Practices

Companies use our software and expertise in compliance to monitor transaction data. Using our ACTICO Rules technology to define rules, they’re able to automate the decision-making process for financial transactions. Our compliance module MAID not only detects behavior patterns that indicate attempts to manipulate the market, it also identifies abusive practices. Some examples of this are disproportionate shifting of a customer’s portfolio without apparent economic purpose (churning) or placing securities with little demand in a portfolio, especially after an unsuccessful IPO (parking).