Management of Conflicting Interests MCI

Recognize actual or potential conflicts of interest.

Management of conflicting interests MCI

Automated identification of conflicts of interest 

Our Management of Conflicting Interests (MCI) software solution helps to identify actual or potential conflicts of interest in a more secure and differentiated manner. It ensures a complete documentation of identified conflicts of interest and a follow-up of the measures taken.

MCI considers:

  • Individual issues in case of potential conflicts of interest

  • Relationship networks

  • Employee and organizational structures

Discover & manage conflicts on interests at an early stage

Key Features

User-defined Types of Circumstances

The basis for identifying potential conflicts of interest with MCI is a detailed accounting of relevant activities, as well as the cicumstances within the bank. The MCI solution is designed so that types of circumstances can be flexibly defined by the system configuration and be made available.

Transfer into Internal Case Management

The matches scored by the system are automatically transferred into the internal case management and appear on the compliance officer’s worklist for clarification. Thus, the Compliance Officer  focuses on evaluating the potential conflict and on the measures to be taken.

Intelligent Testing based on ACTICO Rules

The ACTICO Rules software technology and the use of the detailed information about the particular circumstances allow for an intelligent examination. At the same time, the intuitive graphical technology ensures high flexibility and adaptability of rules.

Automatic Imports

Issues that are relevant to conflicts of interest can be manually recorded in MCI or or automatically imported. Examples include: personal details, fact and type parameters, and time periods or descriptions of facts. 


The classification process of conflicts of interest is supported through workflows.

Audit-Proof Logs

All inputs and changes within the framework of case processing, as well as the preceding data collection of circumstances, are automatically logged and auditable.


Reduced Efforts

Initially, all existing information in the system is compared against each other. After that, only new or changed information is taken into account for further comparison.

Assured Compliance

MCI enables you to comply with requirements in regards to traceability, defined measures, implementation, and regular monitoring and updating.

Seamless Integration

MCI can be seamlessly integrated with other modules of our Compliance Suite and can then there be used via a standardized user interface.

Recognize Conflicts & Take Action Immediately

Companies use our software and expertise in compliance to monitor facts that can indicate conflicts of interest. From a bank's perspective a conflict of interest can result in prohibited or undesired transaction behavior. Based on our ACTICO Rules technology, Management of Conflicting Interests enables banks and financial service providers to automate the search for potential conflicts of interest.