Interactive Decisions

Realize workflow-based, interactive applications to support human decision-making.

Smarter decisions in the digital world

Dynamic Applications for Decision Support

ACTICO Platform helps companies digitalize workflow-based, interactive decision-making processes. A highly flexible, interactive application helps people clarify individual cases by providing the right person with the right information at the right time. This way, companies streamline decision-making processes and boost productivity.

Create flexible applications for interactive, case-based decision-making processes

Enabling People to Make Better Decisions

Make decisions interactively with ACTICO's digital workplace

Digital Workplace for Human Workflows

ACTICO Workplace is the digital workplace for interactive decision-making processes. All information required to process a decision is bundled and provided to the right person based on defined workflows, roles and permissions.

  • Better decisions through case-based information supply

  • Higher productivity through IT-based workflows and worklists

  • New business insights through reports and dashboards

Model-Driven Application Development

Developers use the integrated platform to develop dynamic, interactive applications based on ACTICO Workplace. The model-driven application development approach offers a simple and fast way to holistically develop applications and update them flexibly as new demands arise.

  • Fast development of powerful applications

  • High flexibility through integrated, model-driven development

  • Governance support and simplified change management

Holistically develop applications for interactive, case-based decision making

Key Features

Digital Workplace

The digital workplace optimizes how people make case-based decisions. Intuitive user interfaces dynamically display the information a person needs to process the next step and consistently make the right decision.

Decision-Making Workflows

Workflows control the entire decision-making process from data capturing to reporting. Workflows help coordinate the information flow and streamline decision making across all process participants.

Low-Code Platform

The low-code platform offers a rapid way to holistically develop and maintain workflow-based, interactive applications. All modeled aspects can be flexibly changed – secured by tool-based governance support.

"Before we had ACTICO Platform, it took us several months to update rating models. Now we save a lot of time and complete the roll-out of a new version within days or even hours."
Alex Wijna Credit Risk Manager, LeasePlan


Higher Productivity

The combination of fully automated decisions and interactive tasks significantly improves the workforce productivity. Companies streamline their processes and thus accelerate their responsiveness to customer demands.

Reduced Costs

The increased level of automation significantly reduces the cost of each decision made and improves the profitability. The integrated development approach allows savings of 25% to 50% in development, and 50% to 70% in maintenance.

Higher Flexibility

Model-driven application development offers a very high level of flexibility. Changes that previously took months, can be brought to the market within a matter of days or even hours allowing the continuous decision optimization.

Decision Management with ACTICO Platform

Decision Modeling

Create and share graphical decision models

Decision Automation

Automate decisions across all systems and channels

Implement highly flexible, interactive applications

Interactive Decisions

Implement highly flexible, interactive applications

Decision Analytics

Analyze and optimize your operational decisions