Decision Automation

Automate operational decisions based on a powerful, enterprise-class decision engine.

Smarter decisions in the digital world

Digital Interactions in Real Time

ACTICO Platform allows companies to automate operational decision making. Expert knowledge, such as policies, regulation and best practices, is automated through business rules. Data-driven knowledge, such as predictions and probabilities, is implemented through machine learning models. The combination of both approaches allows companies to make automated interactions in real time across all digital channels.

Decision automation is the basis for digital business transformation

Enabling Digital business

Decision automation enables real-time interactions

Decision Engine & Decision Services

ACTICO Platform allows companies to automate their operational decision making across all channels. The ability to respond to market requests in real-time helps satisfying the needs of customers and other stakeholders in the digital world.

  • Automated decision making based on a powerful decision engine

  • Highly flexible version and dependency management

  • Security through monitoring and auditable traceability

Centralized Decision Management

On their digital transformation journey, companies need to adapt state-of-the-art architecture concepts in order to meet business agility and consistency demands. With ACTICO Platform, they separate operational decisions from applications, manage them centrally, automate them consistently across all processes, systems and channels, and change them whenever they need.

  • Seamless integration with the existing IT architecture

  • Centralized decision model management with ACTICO Team Server

  • Highly flexible model exchange without down-time

Centralizing decisions for higher business agility and consistency

Key Features

Decision Engine

The powerful decision engine allows companies to automate their operational decisions. It is designed for time-critical applications with high transaction volumes and allows maximum flexibility, seamless integration and high scalability.

Governance Support

Mature governance features control, monitor and document the complete life cycle of operational decisions. This significantly improves the traceability and transparency, and simplifies the change management.

Central Repository

The central repository ensures consistent decisions and simplified maintenance. The reusable decision models are stored in one repository and deployed to all processes, systems and channels – supported by comprehensive governance features.

"ACTICO Platform is an outstanding fit for our existing system architecture."
Urs Knecht, Director of Software Development, Sanitas


Digital Enablement

ACTICO Platform helps companies optimize their IT architecture for the digital world. They eliminate redundancies or dispersed business logic and manage decisions centrally and consistently. This facilitates and enables digital business.

Faster Time to Market

The model-driven approach significantly accelerates the time to market for innovations. Changes that previously took months, are realized within days or hours. Companies achieve a high business agility to quickly act in their market.

Higher Efficiency

Decision automation allows companies to increase efficiency and accelerate digital transformation. They respond to customer demands in real-time, streamline processes and reduce the cost of operational decisions.

Decision Management with ACTICO Platform

Decision Modeling

Create and share graphical decision models

Automate decisions across all systems and channels

Decision Automation

Automate decisions across all systems and channels

Interactive Decisions

Implement highly flexible, interactive applications

Decision Analytics

Analyze and optimize your operational decisions